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Cloud security is a shared responsibility between the cloud provider and customer, however, having a clear distinction of responsibilities is important to ensure that no aspect of the infrastructure security is left unchecked. With remote working becoming the new norm, access control and identity management have become very critical. Securing the access identities and interfaces is necessary to maximise the benefits of the cloud. A zero-trust strategy is the need of the hour for cloud enterprises nowadays.  

Exigo Tech’s cloud infrastructure security services enable secure access to the cloud by protecting your environment from security threats while providing continuous intelligence, monitoring and support for improvement and better management of your security landscape. From the servers at your workplace to your business software, you need to build security at every level of your IT infrastructure and business and maintain that security when the information moves beyond the platform. Our infrastructure security solutions help you access security and compliance practices in your business, identify potential threats, remediate any issues and recommend best security practices. 

Defence against infrastructure security attacks

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Infrastructure security solutions

Let us assist you in optimising your IT infrastructure and creating the best IT environment for your employees. Trust us to equip your employees with infrastructure security solutions to enhance their productivity and operational efficiency.    

Avoid migration challenges, security risks and obtain the flexibility to accelerate to the cloud you want without compromising on safety.


Make infrastructure security the strongest defence with the latest technology and innovations to guard against and recover from security attacks.


Define strategies and roadmaps to keep up with the cyber threats and integrate intelligent security solutions to transform and compete in the digital economy.


Prevent third party tampering of critical information during data transmission and ensure that the data is protected with cloud infrastructure solutions.


Advanced threat detection strategies such as endpoint scanning to enhance the security of devices that are accessing a business network.

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What We Offer

We provide a holistic infrastructure security solution that covers all the aspects of security from identity and access to app, data and network. We also detect problems promptly to prevent distorter, reduce downtime and improve productivity without business loss. 

Manage People Risks

Protect your modern enterprise against threats and vulnerabilities that are both external and internal with a secured solution. We bring together the people, process and technology to help you achieve resilience in the face of rising threats.


Mobile Device Management

Enhance business data security by monitoring, managing and securing mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets that are used in the organisation. Our mobile device management solutions allow your IT admins to control security policies for the devices accessing sensitive data.


Wireless Security

Prevent exploitation from taking hold of your business with stringent security measures such as a secured wireless LAN network. Our infrastructure security solutions monitor and act upon the health status of connected endpoints to reduce the risk of your trusted network.


Protect Computer and Networks

Secure your computer networks from intruders whether they are targeted attackers or opportunistic malware. We defend your systems and data from malicious attacks and focus on keeping them free of future threats.


Firewall Solution

Put a barrier between your untrusted outside networks and trusted internal network with a defined set of rules using a Firewall. We offer advanced threat focused next generation firewalls to protect the perimeter of your organisation’s network.

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