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Exigo Tech offers superior infrastructure and cloud security services to reduce your response time in the event of an attack.
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Tighten your Security Posture with Infrastructure and Cloud Security Services from Exigo Tech

Complex cloud computing environments have become a reality of modern organisations. The latest tools and applications that are hosted in them can pave a path for hackers to enter your ecosystem. A safe architecture for social networking, IT hosting networks, and cloud infrastructure is a crucial and inseparable ingredient in the governing book of the organisation. Threats to networks and cloud protection are continually changing and growing more complex, and cloud computing is no less at risk than an environment at the premises.

Exigo Tech is one of the top infrastructure and cloud security providers in Sydney that specialises in deploying the right mix of security applications to enhance the security of your IT ecosystem. We are a Sophos Platinum partner and hence are equipped with all the resources to provide you the full visibility of the application stacks, identify the unusual network traffic and basically elevate the security level of your business processes. We regularly audit your resources to ensure that these are compliant with the regulatory norms.

Secured IT Infrastructure, Maximised Output

Infrastructure and Cloud Security Services from Exigo Tech
Providing an Orchestration and Automation Platform

We source security solutions from major industry players and deploy them in your organisation to fabricate tight security controls in your business process.

Acquire the complete visibility of your entire infrastructure from a single pane and adopt a proactive approach to mitigate the impact of threats.


Visualise the IT resources with the help of the latest technologies and gain the ability to identify the potential security breach points.


Exercise improved control on the entire infrastructure and prevent the sensitive assets from being deleted or stolen.


Utilise the power of automation and the latest technologies and develop applications continuously without any risks and concerns.

Centralise and Secure your Data with US!

What We Offer

We are known as the one of the best infrastructure and cloud security service providers in Australia because we use the tried and tested techniques to strengthen your security cover.

Building Strategies

We help you create strategies that enable you to build a secured culture across your organisation so that the employees accessing your confidential information from their private devices are careful about cyber-attacks.


Shift Left with DevOps

We are one of the pioneers in engineering business applications and use the DevSecOps practices to mitigate the vulnerabilities in the early stages of the development, thus loopholes are minimal when we place these in your cloud.


Management of Threat and Vulnerabilities

We implement tools in your hybrid environment that are equipped to give you full visibility of the events in the cloud and take quick actions if need be.


Data Security Services

We first identify the location of your critical data in the cloud and then apply security controls. We encrypt the data using the latest technologies to guarantee its premium security.

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