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The role of IT has become tremendously central to business strategy. Today, organisations also need to maintain a good balance between daily business operations and future projects while ensuring complete security all the time. In the era where the work topography is changing rapidly, embracing hardware and software solutions is critical.  

Every business has a unique requirement when it comes to technology and as an HPE provider of solutions and IT products we at Exigo Tech have deep experience in helping companies transform and manage their business with hardware and software solutions. Our versatile team leverage cutting edge technology solutions that increases your business effectiveness and expands capabilities. You can get in touch with one of our experts to learn more about how Exigo Tech – HPE combined solutions can help you build up your IT structure for powerful uses beyond just data security.

HPE solutions for your IT advancement

What We Offer

We at Exigo Tech, together with HPE can address your most complex business challenge by implementing the latest technology to design business-ready solutions. Our team comprehends your working pattern and tailors to your business-specific needs of software systems for better performance.

HPE Simplivity

With Simplivity we provide a software-defined infrastructure (hyper-converged IT) that brings together automation and cloud management. Using modern technology, we offer the most structured data centre that extends data protection and resiliency.


HPE Synergy

This infrastructure platform not only speeds up application delivery in the traditional setup, but it also accelerates the operations in the new IT atmosphere. Bridging between the traditional, and new application Synergy brings new speed to your business.


HPE Greenlake

With Greenlake, we offer a range of services such as containers, storage, machine learning, data protection and more. We centralise the operations across your hybrid state to help automate the business operations.



This software-defined intelligent approach makes deployment and management of today’s complex IT easy. It also helps in developing applications faster with third-party tool integrations and supports other software solutions.

Optimal business solutions powered by HPE and Exigo Tech

Our Hardware Offerings

We build on the expertise of our team to deliver a firmly integrated and well-engineered next regeneration hardware solutions. 


Improve productivity with an intelligent solution to manage your data storage. Our experts can meet high business needs for data protection and compliance by taking the physical servers in their hands.



Manage more workloads, unlock hidden insights and improve productivity easily with AI-driven hybrid data storage solutions.



With IoT and mobile technology, our team has all the solutions that you need. Gain control over things such as security, remote applications and modern tools along with digital management of your business.


Workstation Devices

Integration of Exigo Tech’s solutions for cloud, security, data management and mobility with HPE’s printers, laptops, copiers and collaboration devices enables businesses to optimise the productivity of their workforce.

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