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We secure and optimise your network, infrastructure and applications so that you can lower your IT complexities and focus on business growth. Your business security is our top priority. You benefit from expert consultants in the field of network security along with a wide range of security services from being a trusted advisor to providing managed services to enhance your business. Stay secure with our tailored solutions that support security operations across your digital enterprise.

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We help you to achieve better security controls and gain greater visibility across your business.

Security Advisory services

Our Advisory Services help you understand your current environment, identify risks and create roadmaps to meet your security vision. Along with a deep emphasis on your business goals, we suggest strategies to protect your critical data with customised cost-effective solutions.

Infrastructure Security

We help you take full advantage of your technology investments and reduce risk by securing your enterprise data and networks. We take a holistic approach to infrastructure and network security with our tailored solutions that include design, installation and integration of perimeter, network, endpoint, application, web and email security as well as advanced threat protection.

Data protection and privacy

We protect you from reputational damage, financial liability, penalties and litigation costs by protecting your intellectual property from thefts and misuse. With our service you get better visibility and control on your critical content.

Cloud Security

We help you to adopt and boost cloud productivity without risk through pay-as-you-go services with services ranging from access privileges to data encryption. You can also implement policies that keep your cloud environments safe.

Security Risk Management

With flexible work environments and data coming from disparate sources, it has become increasingly important for businesses to have its cyber threat plans in place. We help you identify your cyber risks and plot a chart to address the problems. We protect your desktops, laptops and OP equipment with endpoint protection solutions from McAfee and Symantec. With our service, you can eliminate risk, plug holes to strengthen your security position and stay abreast of changing dynamics to secure your enterprise.

Managed Security Services

We provide you the option to choose your level of security as per your budget, risk appetite and compliance needs and help you focus on your business while we handle your day-to-day security management. We closely monitor your systems, detect and respond to security threats and help manage your risks. Whether its intrusion detection or a secure web gateway, you can rest easy knowing your IT system is being closely monitored for any cyber threats.

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