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How to Survive Security Challenges in the Digital Transformation Era with Advanced Threat Protection

Digital transformation, undoubtedly, has done wonders for Australian businesses such as enhanced productivity, improved operational efficiency, automated and streamlined processes and much more. It has initiated a new wave of flexibility in working patterns such as BYOD, remote workers and more which has certainly led to data security concerns.  

With a combination of different tools from Microsoft Office 365, you can identify the threats and take the correct measures and ensure the security of your data. To learn what capabilities Microsoft Advanced Threat protection gives you, read on.  

  • Controlled Access
    Application/Feature – Microsoft Azure Active Directory
    Microsoft Azure Directory simplifies the identity management process and allows you to control how employees are accessing business applications. Its main function is to authorise sign-ins and protect the identities and credentials. However, with this advanced threat protection method, you can access internal and external resources without security concerns. The Azure Active Directory adds an extra layer of security and empowers the IT administrator to give several rights to a certain set of employees. Creating a two-factor authentication environment is one of the instances of controlled access. This advanced authentication platform also possesses cloud capabilities which makes it easy for you to host business utility applications on the Windows on-premises server.  
    Identified Threats
  • Identified Threats 
    Application/Feature – Office 365 Advanced Threat, Windows Defender Application Guard, Windows 10 Device Guard 
    The attack starts when malware tries an installation on your devices and to stop the attack, the above-mentioned tools will work together to block the known malware and viruses. Then the other application checks all the files which were sent to the computer. Windows and Office then update the protection system to prevent future attacks. Cloud App Security locks the account from which the harmful files were shared. The tools such as Microsoft Intune prevent the sharing of malware in the digital environment. The other applications such as Azure Information Protection and Azure Rights Management encrypt the sensitive files and prevent the sharing of confidential data.  

With cyber attacks becoming rampant, your customers are concerned about the security of their data. Therefore, when you are devising a digital transformation strategy, you need to put data security at the top. One of the ideal ways of keeping the security concerns at rest stems from designing the entire infrastructure with privacy.

The Bottom Line

Digital transformation is about speed, automating the routine processes and connecting them, agility, disruption and more. Whilst introducing the above-mentioned attributes in your business processes, you are ought to face some security challenges. Wise use of Microsoft Azure and Advanced Threat Protection platforms can help you fill all the loopholes occurring in your data security network. The experts at Exigo Tech work along with you to understand your business processes, identify all the possible security leaks and devise ways to seal it by using the latest technology solutions. To schedule a meeting with one of our team members, call 1300 EXIGOTECH (39 44 68) or email us at

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