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How Our Managed Security Services Help You Maximise Your Security Capabilities and Eliminate the Gaps

As businesses grow increasingly aware of the operational risks posed by technology and human error, not only just malicious actors, it has become essential for such organisations to better leverage the links between IT and operational technology to better secure their infrastructure.

Hence, regardless of the industry, modern managed security services require a synergy between the process, technology and people. Effective security begins with the understanding of technology that runs in the background and trained staff providing oversight with the processes that run smoothly and securely. This perfect trio ensures that your business is not only secured but is also optimised. 

Overcoming the Security Challenges of Today with Managed Security Services 

Businesses today constantly face network safety hazards, confronting malware, ransomware, cyberattacks or infection contaminations and more. Organisations are centred around finding answers to shield their business-critical information from security penetration than effectively running their business. This problem is the same for businesses of all sizes, be it small, medium or large. However, Managed Security Services can speed up the detection and response capabilities in such disturbed and complex security environments. 

The value that such managed security services brings to the business is critical, let’s explore some of the reasons why managed security services is right for you: 

  • Improve your security stance against the growing number of attacks
    The ever-increasing frequency and complexity of cyber-attacks are driving the need for enterprises to rethink their security strategy. By utilising the latest technology such as Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) along with security orchestration, managed security services bring better outcomes. Monitoring your IT environment constantly, such managed security services can stop attacks on set and bring peace of mind to your IT experts. Leveraging cloud-based managed security services also helps in rapid breach identification, should an attacker penetrate your ecosystem.
  • Meet the expanding data security laws and regulatory compliances
    With the increased focus on expanding legal regulatory compliances and ramifications, businesses are finding it hard to meet the stringent requirements associated. However, managed security services can provide the necessary data encryption, retention and reporting that are required to meet such compliance policies. 
  • Adapt with the evolving cybersecurity environment   
    Security breaches and cyberattacks are becoming increasingly more complex. With the evolving threat landscape, your security solutions also need to adapt. Managed security services help your cybersecurity space stay up to date with the current threats on your systems, implementing the best solution, policies and tactics to ensure that your business is running safely. With the threat landscape changing so frequently you can leave it up to the security provider to stay on top of securing your organisation from attacks. 
  • Obtain efficiency from the well tested strategies  
    In addition to having security intelligence and protection, managed security service providers also have operational and deployment experience in a wide range of businesses. This experience can lead to well-defined processes to optimise the security framework of your organisation.
  • Increased profitability with early risk identification and mitigation  
    Most organisations experience intrusions regularly, many of which are unsuccessful. However, such unsuccessful breaches also provide insights to act upon quickly. A managed service provider can act upon such intrusions and prevent any loss, increasing the profitability of your business. 

Managed Security Services 1 – Exigo TechPaving the Way for a Resilient and Secured Architecture

The security strategies of many organisations today are still responding to yesterday’s challenges. Managed security services represent a perimeter centric architecture that not only ensures secure implementation but also dictates access and protects against advanced threats. As a managed security services provider, we at Exigo Tech offer a comprehensive range of IT risk assurance and cybersecurity solutions to prevent, detect and proactively respond to security threats.Call us on 1300 EXIGOTECH (394 468)  or email us at to talk to one of our IT experts. 



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