Highlights of #IoTfestival, Melbourne

The IoT Festival at Melbourne, held on 4th and 5th June 2018, was an ideal platform to have a glimpse of all the latest technological developments. The theme of the event, for this year, focused on all possible developments and transformation that IoT will bring to the business landscape. Companies that drive technological innovation such as KPMG, Catapult, Myriota and more were the main exhibitors at the event.

With the zeal to have a sneak-peek at future technologies, the team at Exigo Tech visited the event and gathered several insights from the same. Here is a quick overview of the 2 days at the festival.


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AI and Advanced Analytics – session by Microsoft

The speaker, Matt Sinclair, Head of Internet of Things at Microsoft, gave insights on how Microsoft plans to use IoT, Machine Learning and Blockchain to empower businesses to automate processes. In the future, all rollouts on the technology front will be designed keeping in mind working methods that prevail in different industry verticals. Future projects will also see an intricate use of both IoT and Artificial Intelligence, which will give new dimension to business automation.

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IIoT and Utilities – session by Freestyle

The speaker, Sunder Iyer, General Manager of Global Products and Markets, discussed how IoT plays a major role in helping businesses tailor industry specific solutions. The main focus of the entire session was on smart metering and other real-time applications based on IoT and how it will reshape several processes of the utility

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IIoT and Utilities – session by Software AG

One of the key presenters in the session, Alim Yigiter, Senior Product Manager at IoT, Software AG, shared knowledge on how industrial IoT can be utilised to improve efficiency and productivity. Several insights on the framework that could be used for devising IoT applications were main highlights of the session. The team at Software AG is working rigorously for developing the framework to enable businesses incorporate IoT and automate regular corporate processes.

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IoT in Healthcare and Sport – session by Catapult

The session lead by Barry McNeil, CEO Catapult Elite, gave a brief insight of the impact of IoT in sports and healthcare. The session threw light on how internet of things will play a major role in achieving high performance with connected devices. The company is using IoT in producing sports equipment which are enabling teams to improve their performance.

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IoT in Agritech – session by Myriota

The session by David Haley, CTO and Co-Founder Myriota, was focused on the utilisation of IoT in agriculture. It was enthralling to see that IoT is slowly tapping into the unusual field of agriculture, apiculture, viticulture, aquaculture and horticulture and there are many companies who are investing capital in it.

Apart from these key sessions, the stage offered by IoT Festival where Australian startups were given a platform to pitch their products and solutions, was fascinating. Looking at the massive participation at one of the competitions and knowing that the government is constantly supporting startups in their journey, it can easily be predicted that there is a wave of change coming to the Australian business landscape.

Day 2:

Field Tour of Monash University

The event opened on the second day with a tour of Monash University. At one of the research hubs of the country, there were some interesting insights on the developments that will be coming on Augmented Reality and IoT. Their research on using latest technologies in the healthcare sector and utility industries was remarkable. A brief overview on using context as a service became a limelight on closing day.

“The team was thrilled to learn that various companies are aiming to bring several developments with technology as an enabler. We, as an IT solutions provider are looking forward to these changes and modifications coming in to our product portfolio as well” – commented, Exigo Tech Founder, Vivek Trivedi.


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