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Five Trends Shaping Up the IT Landscape for Managed Service Providers in 2021

A month has passed from the time we entered a new year. The time around the new year brings lots of predictions. And this year, I have also decided to join the bandwagon. In this post, I am going to spill some beans on the trends that will dominate the functioning of managed service providers. According to the new experiences I gained as a technologist in the past year, I ascertain that the use of cloud computing will increase this year as well and it will play a significant role in staging developments on the other technology landscapes of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Cybersecurity will remain in the spotlight for 2021 too. To understand what factors will result in these changes, read on:

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  • Full Focus on Strengthening the Security Stature of the End Clients
    The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly augmented the use of cloud environments. Also, remote workers tend to use cloud-based collaborative applications in the comfort of their homes over public networks and this dramatically increases the data security risks. Therefore, in the new year, I can envision that managed service providers are tasked with leveling up their data security game.
  • Upskill to Acquire Expertise in Different Competencies
    There were significant changes in the working patterns in the post corona world. Even small businesses have to embark on their digital transformation journey either by choice or force. The managed service providers can turn this paradigm shift in operating styles into their favour and assist their clients to develop themselves by shouldering the responsibility of maintaining the well-being of the client’s IT infrastructure.
  • Cloud Computing and Automation
    There are several business functions which are now dependent on applications. However, I am still seeing that several organisations are dependent on a single cloud environment to host their workloads. This is like an open ground of opportunities for managed service providers as they can lure businesses to invest in multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environments by listing down its benefits. Also, the increasing dependence of businesses on robotic process automation is like a treasure trove of revenue generation opportunities.
  • Customer’s Increasing Inclination Towards Outcome-based Services
    To keep up with the evolving demands of smart customers, businesses are changing their requirements as well. They are looking for services or products that generate better business outcomes. This is one of the factors that prompts the organisations to invest in managed service providers who offer end to end services instead of specialising in a single domain. To narrow down, I would suggest that managed services provider will have to up their consulting game to retain their customers or acquire a new one.
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  • Remaining Prepared for the Future
    The managed service providers (MSPs) will also pull up their sleeves this year and figure out the ways to work and provide client assistance during uncertain times. For example, if there are several MSPs whose major revenue comes from the hospitality and tourism sector then they need to look for opportunities in different domains.

Based on my above observations and predictions it is pretty much clear that 2021 will be a year when cloud consultancies and managed service providers like us can look forward to identifying new business generation avenues. One more thing that I noted last year was a change in the organisations’ method of developing and deploying applications. Australian businesses are now attracted towards the low-code platforms for their apps and this change calls for modifications in the manner managed services providers in the country function. As an experienced managed service provider, we can help businesses of all sizes sail smoothly through this year while still being on the path of growth and development. Speak to one of our consultants today at 1300 EXIGOTECH (394 468) or email us at and base your business goals on a sturdy IT platform. Let’s collaborate to grow!


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