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There are many businesses out there who use Xero for handling the accounting aspect of their organisationWhen using a business application and Xero in standalone mode, there are possibilities that employees make double entries that disturb the balance of routine business operations. To eliminate this scenario, it is advisable to construct a bridge between the two applications. No doubt, there are many applications in Xero marketplace that can cater to your businesses’ needs. However, that is not the case every time. This is where custom Xero integration comes into the picture.  

I understand that integrating two applications that pretty much governs your crucial business processes, is not an easy ballgame. There are several concerns that come up and I am dedicating this post to some of the most common questions that I encounter when I suggest custom Xero integration to businesses.  

  • Do custom Xero app and custom Xero integration mean the same?

No, both are different. A custom Xero app is building a new application altogether. The custom Xero apps are engineered if unique business processes are in the scenario. The custom Xero integration, as the name implies, associates an already existing application with Xero. We build a connection between the applications to display the required data in real-time or near real-time as your application permits.  

  • Is custom Xero integration an ideal option for a small business?  

No, businesses are never small for availing our custom Xero integration servicesIt may be heavy on the pocket. Our technology consultants will study your business processes, the applications you use and offer guidance if it is the right time to opt for custom Xero integration.  

  • How does custom Xero integration play a vital role in increasing my business capabilities? 

A custom Xero integration streamlines the flow of crucial information between your business application and the accounting software. Some of the entities that will be synchronised are –


  • How much time is required to set up custom Xero integration for my organisationWill there be downtime when the bridge is being built? 

The speed at which the custom Xero integration can be concluded relies on several factors. One of those is the complexity of the integration we are looking at. It is certain if more functionalities are required, more development time would be consumed. The second parameter is how quickly you can provide the documents of the existing software to us. The precise and detailed documents make it easier for our development team to understand the application and start building upon it.  

  • My business is specific and so are its needs. Can your team set up a custom Xero integration for my applications without causing major disruption?

Yes, without a doubt, this is possible. We back you up at every step to ensure that all the internal applications are linked with Xero without any data loss. If necessary, personnel from your side would need to carefully check if all the necessary data is available once the custom Xero integration is complete. We follow the best integration practices to ensure that there are no security risks in the process.  

  • My sales team uses a third-party CRM software and my accounting team uses Xero. Can you link both? 

Yes, there is a high probability that we can link them. Our expert business analysts work closely with you to understand the capabilities you want in your custom Xero integration. Based on your feedback, we draw the entire roadmap with several milestones and give detailed information about the deliverables.  

  • Will there be any changes in my usual business processes when your team completes custom Xero integration?  

Automation can cause doubt within your employees. You need to conduct sessions where you can paint a clear picture that the main purpose of the integration is to make their jobs easier. You will need to arrange some training sessions wherein the experts will explain the technical procedures to your employees and employees can pick up from there. However, if we look forward then speed, agility, accuracy, reduced manual errors and streamlined business processes will be the major outcomes of custom Xero integration.  

I have tried my best to cover most of the questions. But I am sure that there will be many more because every business is different and the processes too vary. Also, the security of the data being shared between two applications raises concerns as well. Connect with us to discuss the benefits our custom Xero integration services will give to your business. To speak to one of our engineers, call 1300 EXIGOTECH (394 468) or email you are thinking about custom application development, you can reach out to me on my LinkedIn profile as well. Let’s connect and unlock growth.  

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