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The enterprise and cloud applications are more important than ever on the business landscape. The digital transformation and automation initiatives have connected processes and presented us with an abundance of data that can be analysed to drive invaluable insights. You can use these insights to convert your investments into innovations, streamline processes and drive value from it. Integrating technology components such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and more in the application enable businesses to gain an edge over their competitors.

Exigo Tech knows that keeping business intelligence at the core is the secret to building a successful organisation. We engineer applications that break organisational silos and let processes communicate with each other to produce data which can be easily documented and analysed. We tailor enterprise and cloud applications that can be easily implemented on the legacy infrastructure to help you control capital flow and benefit from your existing capabilities. We are your technology enablers who help you survive and thrive on the dynamic corporate landscape.

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Empower your workforce with the new tools and modernise their working methods to boost productivity


Convert your scattered and siloed data into an information powerhouse with insightful business applications.


Delight your customers by delivering business specific, scalable, intuitive and secured solutions.


Strengthen your digital core and deliver the best with intelligent enterprise applications.


What We Offer

We follow an innovation-led approach to help you benefit from the emerging technologies while making the most of your existing infrastructure to enable you to save cost and the hassles of maintaining multiple systems. 


Microsoft Application Services

We combine our Microsoft knowledge with the industry experience to fulfill your requirements of business automation or enterprise and cloud application development.


Enterprise Resource Planning

We develop and deploy practices and frameworks that allow you to streamline different aspects of capital management, talent management, inventory management and more from an ERP solution.


Customer Relationship Management

We create CRM solutions that empower you to synchronise every process related to customer acquisition, engagement and retention and deliver superior customer experiences.


Enterprise Portal

We build enterprise portals that suit your business processes and allow you to analyse the abundant data while remaining compliant with the industry standards and government norms.


Business Intelligence

We adopt a tool-agnostic and process-centric approach to weave business intelligence services into your present infrastructure to help you accelerate your decision-making process and optimise routine operations.

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