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Protect Your Business Endpoints from Potential Attacks

Don’t let your corporate endpoints become an entry door for the
bad actors with Exigo Tech’s endpoint security solutions portfolio.
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Give Utmost Importance to Endpoint Security

Introduce an Inevitable Component – Endpoint Security in Your Security Spectrum with Exigo Tech

With workforces operating from different geographic locations and using different devices to access corporate data, it is of paramount importance to add a security layer at every point. You need to build an environment that is accessible from anywhere and this flexibility raises a security concern. As endpoints provide an easy way to your corporate network, it is time to ditch the centralised solutions and go for multi-layered endpoint security software. Also, the hackers are changing their approach almost every day to break into your secured environment. Therefore, it is time to invest in endpoint security solutions that are nimble, scalable and stable enough to withstand the test of time.  

Exigo Tech partners with the leading endpoint security solution providers and bring to you a vast variety of solutions that heightens the security levels of your IT stack. Our engineers tailor the right solution mix that suits your business functions and caters to your present and future needs. Our solutions offer insider threat monitoring, anti-malware, privileged access control, endpoint detection response and much more to avoid any security breaches.  

Intelligent Solutions to Mitigate the Impact of Attack

Foster BYOD Culture without any Security Concerns with
Exigo Tech’s Endpoint Solutions

We offer a plethora of security solutions that enable you to analyse, block and contain any cyber-attacks in your corporate endpoints.
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Avoid any cyber-attacks due to an unpatched endpoint as we regularly scan your IT environment.

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Let your workforce access your corporate network from any device and location and device with our multi-layered endpoint security solution.

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Gain visibility of your network, find the devices connected to your network; identify security gaps if there are any and seal all the security loopholes.

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Remain compliant with the industry standards as we do audits and ensure that compliances and regulatory requirements are always being met.

Endpoint Security is the First Step to Securing Your Technology Environment

What We Offer

We offer a host of endpoint security services to enable you to maintain the secured stature of your endpoints.
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Host Intrusion Prevention

We build a layered defense strategy for your endpoints by deploying host intrusion prevention systems (HIPs) at several levels. Unlike firewalls, host intrusion prevention systems analyse the endpoints for any unusual codes or malware infiltration and send notifications in event of a security breach.

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Patch Management

With our reliable patch management solutions and services manage the BYOD environment with ease and smoothness. You can ensure that all your corporate endpoints are running the latest versions of security patches, operating systems and third-party applications.

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Network Access Control Add-ons

We implement network access control add-ons to let you maintain order out of the numerous connections that external and internal devices have with your organisation’s network. We help you define access rights according to any resources’ roles, device and location and enforce

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Application Blocking

With our endpoint security solutions, gain control over the applications that your employees use on their official endpoints. Along with blocking the applications that are a security threat, you can stop the usage of applications that you think are unsuitable for your office space.

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Cloud Services Appliances

Communicate securely over the internet with reliable cloud services appliances which add a layer of security and acts as a console between the managed devices and the internet.

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Audit and Compliance Enforcement

We follow the ideal endpoint security practices for tailoring a security architecture for all the data stored in the cloud or an on-premises application to which your endpoints have access. We keep updating ourselves to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities and we are compliant with the industry norms and regulations.


Antivirus Auditing Enforcement

We check several parameters such as the patches in the endpoint’s antivirus protection systems and user permissions to know that if any user has the permission to disable the antivirus software on their endpoints. Our audit reports enable the stakeholders to make any crucial security related decisions if need be.

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Correction Control Management

While drafting your endpoint security strategy, we include all the measures that make the restoration of operations and repair of damage due to an unexpected or expected event smooth and easy for you.

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Spyware Blocking Removal

Gain the confidence to surf the web, make digital payments and ensure the security of your online intellectual property as we block the malware and spyware from entering your corporate IT stack.

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Reporting and Dashboard

We assure optimum cybersecurity management performance and send the required reports to the stakeholders to ensure that the right information is reaching the right persons at the right time.

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