Enable a collaborative and secure environment for your employees working from home during the Corona virus outspread with Microsoft products

The outspread of corona virus has changed many things. Well, it has pushed businesses to rethink the ways to ensure productivity with employees working remotely. While allowing your employees to work from home, there are several points you may be concerned about. You may be worried about your employees’ productivity or connectivity and any cyber-attacks on your confidential data when it is accessed on numerous devices in remote places. And that’s where working within a secure ecosystem plays a critical role for all the businessesMicrosoft with its entire productivity suite (Office 365 and Microsoft 365helps businesses to achieve their business continuity goal. 

Work from Home - Microsoft - Exigo Tech

How can you ensure productivity and round the clock availability while working from home with Microsoft suite?


Work from Home – Microsoft – Exigo TechSwitching from a fully functional desk office setup to work from home is a challenging situation. Also, every organisation has different set of employees and responsibilities they handle therefore, arranging a work from home scenario is different for every business. If you have any problem while using Microsoft products, contact us on 1300 EXIGOTECH (39 44 68) and our team will get it sorted for you.  

Download the Infographic from here.

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