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Discovery Bots – An Automation Anywhere Tool to Shape the Future of Business Automation

Automation Anywhere’s platforms such as IQ Bots and Discovery Bots deploy machine learning techniques to understand the manual processes and then automate the same. These Automation Anywhere tools observe employee behaviour and actions while they are performing their tasks to mimic these processes later. This is the underlying principle of RPA.

The discovery bot, an Automation Anywhere tool, builds further up on this principle. Discovery bots understand how employees perform their daily activities and figure out the processes which can be automated. While doing this, the tool monitors all the business applications that an employee uses to complete the task. The discovery bot identifies the processes which can be automated and bots for automating the same are then engineered.

Apart from figuring out the processes that can be automated, discovery bot has a lot more to offer when it comes to business automation. Let’s dig into some of the capabilities of the automation anywhere tool:

  • Accelerates automation
    According to Automation Anywhere, 65% of automation efforts are spent on understanding the processes before automating them. The internal and external consultants read process documents, interview the experts before deciding upon the automation methods. This entire procedure not only slows down the automation but is expensive and distracts business. Discovery bot, an automation anywhere tool, records business activities for process analysts so that they can understand the underlying processes in depth and figure out the bits that can be automated. The RPA managers then design automation bots and deploy them accordingly.
  • Identifies processes which can be automated
    The automation journey is easy at the start because you know which manual processes should be automated. But finding, priortising and justifying the next processes becomes intimidating. The Automation Anywhere tool helps you in this scenario. The tools analyse the patterns in which the employees are working and takes note of the applications the employees are navigating through. The tool can then identify the processes which are repeated most of the time and hence priortise their automation.
  • Brings all the pieces of the automation team together
    Sometimes, limited information about the processes and lack of flow of information decelerates the automation process. The departments dealing with a procedure certainly knows everything about the procedure, but they often don’t know about the bigger picture means the overall outcome of the process. The department heads know and analyse the outcomes of processes, but they might miss out on inner details of these. Process analysts exactly know how to make any process efficient, but they don’t know the details of these processes and so the RPA developers. Discovery bot, an automation anywhere tool kind of bridges the gap for all these professionals. It offers an interface where all the teams can share their expertise. After business users record their actions, the process analysts can review the recordings and pass their findings to RPA developers for them to develop the bots and automate the process.
  • Let bots automate the processes
    The automation of numerous processes can be taxing and complicated for employees. Learning new technologies and applications while completing daily tasks can be daunting for employees. Organisations may need to hire new employees to implement the processes when the automation principles are being deployed. Discovery bot, an Automation Anywhere tool, can create bots that will automate the process. With AI capabilities of Discovery bot, Automation Anywhere will be soon able to let it create bots for automating processes.

The Ending Note

Discovery bots soon will write the future of business automation. But they are in a nascent stage right now. The capabilities they have or will have will give a new spin to business automation and enable employees to dedicate their time towards intelligent and creative tasks.

Exigo Tech, an Automation Anywhere partner, helps you understand the functioning of Discovery bots and deploy them when and wherever your business process requires. To start giving an automated spin to your processes now, talk to one of our experts at 1300 EXIGOTECH (394 468) or email us at

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