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The technologies deployed for transforming business models digitally, certainly open new avenues for revenue generation and business expansion. But the sad reality is that most businesses get overwhelmed when it comes to giving their processes a digital spin in a practical and scalable manner. In the majority of cases, organisations end up with standalone applications and software which can’t be integrated, basically, the whole point of initiating digital transformation is missed.

We at Exigo Tech perform things in a different manner so that you are able to get the desired outcomes. With our expertise and years of experience, we recommend the right mix of technologies that suit your business processes as well as the market challenges. We follow a modular approach wherein you can implement the latest technologies in your legacy infrastructure and eliminate the hassle and cost of constructing new infrastructure. Scale your business to new heights with our automation and transformation solutions.

Break the Silos

Apply the Right Technologies
at the Right Time

We adopt a research methodology wherein we combine human and analytical insights to ensure that the right mix of technology is applied at the right instant to the right process and our digital transformation efforts improve employee engagement and customer experiences.

Add value to business processes with the right mix of technologies


Remain ahead on the corporate curve with connected people, processes and technologies

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Improve business workflows and eliminate errors with automated and standardised processes


Enhance business outcomes with the valuable insights driven from digitally transformed processes

Harness the Power of Information

What We Offer

We are the operators, thinkers and doers. We know as much about your business processes as we do about the technology that will transform them ensuring that there are no gaps so you get the desired outcomes.  

Intelligent Automation

We formulate strategies to define and prioritise the automation opportunities in your organisation. We understand your processes and then decide if RPA, AI or machine learning will be suitable to automate your existing processes so that you can boost efficiency and enable your employees to address client queries at the earliest.

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Augmented Intelligence

We create a strategy for you wherein you can integrate legacy technologies and get in-depth insights by breaking silos. We incorporate the latest technology components such as AI or machine learning into your processes to monitor the performance and ensure that the best business outcomes are achieved.


Experience Led Transformation

We understand that people and processes go hand in hand when it comes to driving agility. Therefore, we follow an approach wherein we use our experience and industry knowledge to bring people, processes and technology on the same platform when we digitally transform your business so that you can yield the desired results early.

Unlock Opportunities with Digital Transformation

We analyse your processes from your customer’s viewpoint; combine these findings with our industry knowledge and then identify transformation opportunities to ensure that our efforts generate impact.

Excel with Proven Consulting Services

We back you up at every step of your digital transformation journey with our expertise and market knowledge and ensure a smooth transition from strategy to implementation.


Safeguard Data with Secured Infrastructure

We help you identify threats, malicious activities and suggest their quick remedial measures to ensure minimum or no harm when you are in the middle of deploying organisation-wide digital change.


Leverage from Modern Workplace and Mobility

We enable you to build a digital-centric business wherein your employees can work from anywhere and deliver better results without remaining confined to their desks.


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