Digital Transformation is Today’s Business Need Not Want.

There is much talk about Digital Transformation and being a Technology Consultant, I believe this transformation is a need more than a want for today’s businesses. Businesses that delay this transformation are putting their organisations on the back foot and are likely to be digitally disrupted compared to businesses who will embrace this change and will have an upper hand being part of this transformation.

According to the many trend analysts, this Digital Change or Transformation is simply putting your Business through a digital whirlpool, by implementation of new digital processes, systems or technologies. Today’s business needs this digital realignment of their systems and processes to increase organisational efficiency and improve their engagement with their clients, improving their customer experience. My personal experience is that this is not as simple as it sounds, businesses have to go through change in their mind set and strategy to embrace this change and depending upon which industry vertical you belong to, this change can be either fast or slow, but this process of digital change needs to start sooner rather than later.

So why should you start on this digital transformation journey?

  1. Drives Business Growth by being more relevant to the current business landscape and consumer environment. With data, businesses can be more insightful and manage their future actions effectively.
  2. Better engagement with clients, businesses can capture data from various cloud/social based platforms and engage with their clients more effectively to create a better customer experience and brand recognition.
  3. Streamline work processes by implementing business systems like CRM’s and ERP’s. This automation will assist in collaboration and provide real time data for building more predictive models.
  4. Making business more transparent, this will help build trust within the organisation and externally with partners, suppliers and clients. This trust will fuel the business to create true value, which is beyond any strategy.

Businesses need to embrace this change. Understanding the why, ie. these business outcomes comprehensively is the first step towards realising the value of this change and then beginning the process of Digital Transformation.

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