Digital Transformation is Not About Numerous Technologies but the Correct Technologies

We all in some way or another have consumed minimalism in our personal and professional lives. Following the principle of minimalism, also has its perks. You get to evaluate your choices and also change your focus from, more is better approach to intention is better approach. The same mindset of minimal technologies is useful when you are embarking on your digital transformation journey.  

CIOs should be careful when it comes to investing in technologies and they should base their decision on the application of the technologies in the digital framework. However, there are many CIOs who have filled their baskets with all the advanced technologies and are not sure about their usage in their organisation’s environment. One of the main reasons for the excessive investment in the technologies is that the digital transformation era has quickly set in which has forced the businesses to get equipped with technologies and tools. Digital transformation has proliferated into every department let alone IT, every business unit has its own requirements. Secondly, with technologies such as CloudSaaS and other hybrid technologies, businesses have acquired a fair knowledge of their needs.  

Tailoring digital transformation strategies for every department has become essential and all of these units are using different tools and platforms to complete their tasks. Sometimes, the employees also get their own systems to automate and accomplish their tasks. The availability of different systems across the same company makes it difficult for the administration and IT team to ensure smooth and seamless operations.  

Aligning technology investment with business goals can be a tough job but following certain tips can help you balance: 

  • Learn more about your existing technologies
    You need to have proper knowledge of what is going on. You need to dig deep and find what the existing technologies are used for. Doing this will help you use the already deployed technologies and save capital on getting new one. Also, with this exercise, you will be able to amplify the use of existing technologies in the set processes.
  • Focus on offering a superior employee experience  
    Organisations often make the mistake of leaving out their employees when creating a digital workspace. You can’t afford to ignore your employees while giving a digital touch to the existing framework because they are the one who will be using all the deployed technologies and systems.
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  • Train your employees to be digitally minded 
    Get people onboard who are enthusiastic and have proper knowledge of creating a digital infrastructure. You need to host training sessions on a regular basis to motivate and teach your employees to follow the digital approach for every task they are performing. Furthermore, you also need to educate your employees to find innovative ways of automating their work with the use of existing systems and platforms.  
  • Integrate all the deployed technologies
    Integration of the available tools and platforms with the existing processes is necessary to benefit from digital transformation. Proper training or distributing collateral such as videos or tutorials on CRM, digital transformation tools will help your employees drive insights from the available data.  

The Bottom Line

It might sound obvious that the failure of any IT project lies in its misalignment with the business goals. Why is that so? Some companies have the mindset that the role of the IT department is to remain in the backend and ensure the smooth running of processes? This should not be the case because proper alignment of business goals and IT enable businesses to leverage an abundance of benefits such as improved productivity, enhanced operational efficiency and more. So, the first goal of any CIO to make the digital transformation successful is to educate all the employees and also break the silos which are existing between the IT and the other business departments.  

Learning the tips and all the work that goes into making your digital transformation project a huge success might be intimidating. No problem, we have got your back. We will understand your business goals and we also do a brief survey of all the existing technologies and will help you find a solution to align them. To take this discussion further, you can email us at or call us +61 29098 6006.


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