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What is DevOps?

DevOps, the Three C’s—Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Delivery

With the need of businesses to deliver faster and better, it is critical to transform from continuous development to continuous delivery. DevOps, a set of practices and procedures along with its tools help transform to continuous and agile delivery. The end result for you– iron out the usual issues of software development and deployment and realize faster time to market.

DevOps practice ensures a firm handshake between your development and operations team and focusses on better collaboration and tighter integration. It brings together agile, continuous delivery, automation, and much more, to help development and operations teams to collaborate together and be more efficient to deliver greater value to businesses and customers.

DevOps enables development and operations to unify into cross-functional teams with improved transparency and nimbleness.

What’s in it for you?

How Do We Do DevOps

Manage your Business Demands with DevOps Practices and Processes

Manage your Business Demands with DevOps Practices and Processes

We Will

  • Learn your current app delivery model
  • Strategize on where and how to implement DevOps in your current environment
  • Help to adopt DevOps practices – use tools and technologies to support collaboration and automation between your development and operations team
  • Accelerate application delivery

DevOps Tools

Consistent, Reliable and Repeatable Automated Deployments

Exigo Tech can help fast-track the adoption of DevOps across your organization through a progressive transformation of technology, people and processes. Contact Us today to know more.

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