Stop, Start and Reinvent with the Implementation of Design Thinking Principles

Businesses are sort of caught up in a rat race of implementing new technologies in their ecosystem. A technology enabled business model delivers a bunch of benefits such as scalability and enhanced customer experience. The modernisation of the existing processes certainly has a set of challenges associated with it. But if you follow a systematic approach such as design thinking, then you are able to address all the underlying challenges. This method will enable you to deliver innovative solutions easily and gives you the ability to solve the existing issues which couldn’t be addressed with the traditional processes.

Exigo Tech, one of the top technology solution providers, follows a design thinking approach for solving any business problem and knows the merits and technicalities of the entire process. The process is iterative and divided into five stages. We draw a roadmap for your organisation to go through these five stages and support you with our expertise and experience at every step of this journey. Design thinking is like a map that leads you to creative and long-lasting outcomes, we are your compass pointing you in the right direction.

Open A Window to New Ideas

Evaluate and Solve a Business Problem
with a Different Perspective Using the Design Thinking Approach

We help you implement the design thinking approach organisation wide to avoid cultural clashes and unnecessary friction between different teams.

Identify the root cause of the problems and gain the ability to find efficient and long-lasting solutions.


Change your perspective over any business challenge and discover new and quicker ways to solve it.


Remove all the speculations related to innovations and encourage them with a systematic process in place.


Deliver an extraordinary solution by giving your employees a platform to come forward and share their expertise.

A Catalyst for Innovation

What We Offer

We use a design thinking approach with our problems and hence you can count on our pieces of advice. We put our expertise> to work and suggest elements of your design thinking framework so that you can put this process at the core of your business model easily.

Ability to Empathise

We help you understand the cause of the problem and other issues surrounding it and discuss the same with different stakeholders to get their take on it. Initial discussions are necessary as they pave the path for quick issue resolution.


Ability to Define

We empower you with the tools and applications to analyse the data generated from observations shared by the stakeholders. Driving insights from the data eliminates the guesswork and enables you to decipher the exact solution.


Ability to Ideate

We look out at different solutions for the problem at hand by using our experience and expertise. We collate your ideas as well before defining a way out for the situation.


Ability to Prototype

We use different methods such as storyboards, prototypes and other visuals to test the feasibility of the ideas suggested by us. Proper understanding of various aspects of any solution enables us to come up with an effective outcome.


Ability to Test

We utilise different tools and applications to check the usability of the solution in the market, verify vulnerabilities in it and ensure that it complies with the regulated standards.

Trust Your Intuitions

Alter your Current Working Style with
Design Thinking Methodology and Discover Solutions

We work hand-in-hand with your teams to ensure that each one of your employees have a proper understanding of the design thinking principles and can use them when faced with a challenge.

Centralised Framework

We develop and implement different processes and portals for you to deploy these in your organisations and bring your teams onboard with the design thinking approach.


Insightful Training

We conduct training for your executives so that they can understand design thinking principles and remain at the forefront of the innovations and deliver them regularly by following a step by step process.


Collaborative Environment

We deliver platforms that foster collaboration amongst the team members, empower them to share their expertise and experiences and derive an appropriate solution for any business problem.

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