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Be Ensured about Business Continuity by Storing Your Business-Critical Applications’ Data in Efficient Datto SaaS Products by Exigo Tech

Public cloud or hybrid cloud environments have become a permanent fixture of the IT infrastructure of businesses across the world. The applications hosted in the cloud such as Microsoft 365 or Google apps allows the workforce to ideate, collaborate and conclude their tasks from anywhere. The data in these SaaS applications is stored in Google’s or Microsoft’s cloud environment and not your own IT space. Also, all of your employees have the right to delete your critical information from their own devices. The SaaS applications do have their backup but that is again cumbersome and a lengthy process. Therefore, investing in third-party solutions that ensure swift backup and minimal downtime is a smart move.

Exigo Tech offers a line of Datto SaaS applications that continuously backs up your data hosted in either private, public or hybrid cloud environments to assure that your operations are up and running in a short time if you are hit by an unfortunate event. With this solution finely woven into your business fabric, your IT professional can restore any important file, contact or email deleted intentionally or unintentionally. The product also allows the IT personnel to restore the data in their original form before the cloud environment was attacked by ransomware. Get in touch with a cloud backup expert at Exigo Tech to ensure continuous business operations in any odd circumstances.

Plan Beyond the Innate Backup Capabilities of SaaS Applications

Be Prepared for the Unseen Future with a Proficient
Backup Solution – Datto SaaS From Exigo Tech

We cater to the varied needs of different industries by offering them separate Datto SaaS backup solutions. The variance in these solutions can be in the form of the frequency of backup or other aspects.

Prevent your information stored in Gmail, Calendar, Contacts and Shared Drives from ransomware or accidental deletes with regular backup cycles.


Save on investment costs as you have the flexibility to purchase new licenses or cancel them if your employees leave the organisation.


Find and retrieve the lost accounts, emails or files along with their related records and ensure that not a single bit of information is misplaced.


Receive reports of the backup status of all your applications every day and ensure their health and gain the ability to take remediation actions based on the presented data.

Protect Your Business from Data Loss or Theft

What We Offer

Our team of service desk engineers, consultants and solution architects take pride in delivering superior quality services to different organisations. As we have a team of subject matter experts, your data is secured and restored whenever required.

Datto SaaS Protection for Microsoft 365

Change in your workforce is constant but the heap of data that these employees created should not change. With the feature-loaded Datto business continuity solutions, we ensure that all your teams have access to the information irrespective of its creators’ present position in your organisation


Datto SaaS Protection for Google Apps

Using the efficient capabilities and a range of features of Datto SaaS protection solutions, our experts backup your Google contacts, calendars and files and provide them protection against any malicious activities.


Datto SaaS Protection for CRM Solutions

The security of customers’ information stored in any platform or software is of utmost importance. We utilise effective Datto solutions to back up every byte of your clients’ data stored in any CRM and assure its accessibility even when it is deleted accidentally or due to third-party app overwrites.

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