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Modern-day businesses that operate using traditional infrastructure elements are faced with challenges. Also, the business application stack is mostly hosted on hybrid cloud environments which is difficult to access and manage from the legacy environment. The continuous mergers and acquisition are forcing organisations to look for a cloud solution which they can expand or shrink according to their requirements. The stringent government regulations have made it essential for the organisations to take strict measures to protect their data. We at Exigo Tech provide data centre solutions which caters to all your needs. With our solutions, you can kickstart your  digital transformation journey by provisioning when and where it is required. We host your data in a manner that it suits your business needs whether it is stored in a shared or a dedicated environment.

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With Exigo Tech as your technology enabler, you can transform your business environment and gear up for a successful tomorrow.  

Optimise the storage cost


Scale up and down according to your requirements


Benefit from a high performing storage platform


Accommodate increasing data storage requirements


Take data-driven decisions from predictive analysis


Resolve issues quickly with a single pane view of the storage environment


What We Offer

We help you gain complete visibility into your storage performance based on which you can manage your business needs and the investment costs.


Data Storage

We store the data on adaptable, secured, accessible and durable virtual servers for you to use it as per your needs.


Cloud Storage

We infuse mobility into your work by giving you the flexibility of storing and retrieving any amount of data from anywhere.


Amazon Web Services

We customise solutions to host your mobile data backup, websites, business applications and complex computing resources to reduce your overhead costs.


Hybrid Cloud Storage

We design solutions which you can access data easily and it is safe from incidents such as power outages and cyber-attacks.


Infrastructure Storage

We enable you to host all your resources ranging from complex analytics to applications in our storage environments and embrace the modern world.

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