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Our Data solutions help businesses propel data directed decisions by opening key insights
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Behind every business strategy, there is data and knowingly or unknowingly your business stores a lot of information that can be exceptionally useful. In today’s age where automation is the future, visualising data and transforming business data into values help in automating the time-consuming process. Hence now is the time for you to churn the data into actionable insights through robust data solutions and analytics technology. As a premium data solution provider, we help businesses automate their operations with a quantifiable data driven approach to maximise efficiency.

Exigo Tech delivers breakthrough data solutions utilising modern technology. Taking informed business decisions requires more than just accurate data collection – it means knowing what is behind those metrics and numbers. And every decision-maker needs information that is readily available to support their decision-making process. Right from building an analytics platform for the financial market, reports on customer loyalty to generating predictive reports for early disease diagnosis, we tackle every aspect of your data with our accomplished data solutions. We develop, analyse, generate insights and deliver decision support tools, and drive transformational outcomes. We also bring expertise in core data domains to make the most of opportunities in the data world: Data Science, Data Engineering and Data Analytics. 

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Data Solutions that Turn your Raw Data into
Insights to Transform your Business

Exigo Tech’s business data solutions address all the needs of today’s enterprise, right from business strategy, data analytics, fast data, cloud solutions to enable innovation, simplify infrastructure and increase operational efficiency. Your business can gain a lot of benefits from our data solutions, some of which are listed below: 
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Leverage the power of Azure Analytics and Power BI to derive actionable insights and transform your business by predicting outcomes.

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Drive innovation through predictive analytics by simplifying data management and offering deep contextual insights into making better decisions.

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Improve productivity by harvesting data analytics across all segments and rethink your model to ensure you offer what your customers need.

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Validate the results of better decision making and recalibrate strategies according to the latest demands to serve the customer better.

Make Sense of Your Raw Data with Exigo Tech’s Data Solutions

What We Offer

Automation, Warehousing and Analytics are deeply integrated throughout Exigo Tech’s services and product portfolio. Combined with our industry expertise, we help businesses operate with agility across all their business functions. Our out of the box offerings turn your raw data into actionable and intelligent insights.
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Data Strategy Services

We provide data strategy and preserve the integrity of your data so that you can look forward to the future with clarity. We implement analytics at every point to assess the capabilities of your organisation and augment them to effectively manage key data challenges.

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Predictive Analytics

We apply data mining, machine learning and statistical technology to learn trends from your business data and make predictions about future events. Such Power BI reports help your organisation to make better decisions in terms of sales, services and marketing.

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Business Deployment Solutions

We provide efficient algorithm and model deployment services using different machine learning models and tools like Microsoft Azure. Our data experts are well versed in different data platforms and are adept in deployment into your existing infrastructure.

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Data Engineering Services

We make your external and internal data flow seamlessly into insights. Our data warehousing and engineering solutions offer unification of siloed data, implementation of modernised tools and empowering your business to make data-driven and analytics decisions.

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Data Science

We combine the best of machine learning techniques with advanced perspective modelling to enhance your decision-making process. Our data science services include the application of modern technology to unveil insights and constantly drive innovation.

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Custom ETL Solutions

We enable integration and rapid transformation of your largest data sets whether they reside on database or on file systems or scattered across the cloud. Our ETL services include developing custom ETL tools and data integration solutions, extracting, cleansing, transforming and loading data as per your business needs, building data warehouses, providing ongoing support and much more.


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Businesses can streamline their employee onboarding process with a customised system designed on the PowerApps platform.

St. Agnes Catholic Parish

St. Agnes Catholic Parish manage several business processes with various applications from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite.

Cook’s Plumbing

Cook's Plumbing simplified their invoice management system and embarked on their digital transformation journey with Exigo Tech.

Assential Care

Assential Care enhanced their efficiency by automating several tasks using Microsoft Dynamics 365 product suite.


Polyseal improved its team productivity with SharePoint online and ensured reduced downtime with the managed services from Exigo Tech.

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