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Extract Greater Value from Data using Human Intelligence with Data Science Technology from Exigo Tech

We leverage innovative tools and data science techniques to drive digital transformation into your organisation.
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Empower Deeper Insights with Data Science Algorithms

Redefine Business Strategy and Increase Productivity by Improving your Business Outcomes with Data Science

Data being the core of business, let’s you know how things are going, what is working well for the business and what is not. Companies are growing more and more because they make use of their data to gain insights and deliver better services to their clientele. Today’s data science solutions are expected to answer many challenges and businesses demand better optimisation and prediction on their data backed by real-time insights and analytical tools  like these. The Data science lifecycle starts with gathering all the information from relevant sources, cleaning it and putting it in a way that machines can understand. This is followed by the application of artificial intelligence, machine learning and algorithms to find patterns and interpretations. Advances in data science are changing the business dynamic and have also resulted in the automation of tedious tasks thereby helping businesses to focus on innovation. 

The core of the Exigo Tech approach, is the ability to conceptualise real-life business problems which makes it intuitive to use and yet realistic enough to support robust decision making. Such models provide insights and quantify risks and benefits associated with business problems. By making use of the latest technology and big data techniques we can provide acuity into all the aspects of business operations. Exigo Tech powered data science solutions empowers your business with the latest advances in artificial intelligence, automation, machine learning to support the full data life cycle – right from exploring and preparing data to the building, managing, deploying and monitoring models. 

Scale your Business with Data Science Solutions

Embrace Data Science Solutions to Unveil Hidden
Patterns and Trends that Drive Innovations

Data science is growing rapidly and businesses across many industries are making sense of the data. You can mitigate risks, predict relevance and enhance customer experience through analytics. Using data science solutions, your business can gain a range of benefits as mentioned below:
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Add many values to your business - identify risks and opportunities, improve decision making, enhance performance by developing transformation strategies using data solutions.

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Integrate your data from various resources using visualisation, data integration and reporting tools. Gain a holistic view of all your data and convert them into easy to interpret visual dashboards and reports.

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Understand your customer datasets and spot trends or identify opportunities for growth through analytics and insights. Enhance customer experience and serve them better with such predictive analytics.

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Make well-informed decisions in less time by automating routine tasks using artificial intelligence technology. Focus your time and energy on other more valuable projects.

Infuse human like intelligence into business functions

What We Offer

With expertise in information technology, Exigo Tech has consistently developed and built a strong base that specialises in supporting business needs with data science. From architecting data, we help organisations capture unstructured, structured data, prepare data models and build algorithms while deploying all these solutions in a real-time environment.
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Business Consulting Services

Our data science consultants focus on developing business value from advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities. We focus on the specific data needs of your business and develop a holistic plan.

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Artificial Intelligence Services

We optimise learning based models and get powerful BI tools integrated into your business systems which helps you to reinvent your decision-making process and deliver better business outcomes with Artificial intelligence powered data science solutions.

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Machine Learning Services

Our Machine Learning solutions enable increased productivity and rapid decision making, business automation and faster anomaly detection using a myriad of tools such as pattern recognition, mathematical optimisation, computational intelligence and more.

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Business Intelligence Services

We bring to you high performing and powerful BI solutions integrated into your business system to get comprehensive and meaningful insights into your business. We also help you ingest, extract and develop powerful predictive models for end users to ensure better business performance.


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Businesses can streamline their employee onboarding process with a customised system designed on the PowerApps platform.

St. Agnes Catholic Parish

St. Agnes Catholic Parish manage several business processes with various applications from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite.

Cook’s Plumbing

Cook's Plumbing simplified their invoice management system and embarked on their digital transformation journey with Exigo Tech.

Assential Care

Assential Care enhanced their efficiency by automating several tasks using Microsoft Dynamics 365 product suite.


Polyseal improved its team productivity with SharePoint online and ensured reduced downtime with the managed services from Exigo Tech.

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