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Numerous businesses shifting to an online mode of operation have increased the load on supporting systems which eventually leads to their unavailability and other business risks. The problem of data security is cropping up on the account of the advanced cybersecurity breaching techniques. Furthermore, when you manage your IT services you are occupied with the ad-hoc tasks that distract you from your core activities. Exigo Tech can take this load off your shoulders. Outsource your IT services to us and let us manage your storage, maintenance and connectivity needs and focus on the tasks that matter the most. We manage your entire IT infrastructure with our highly secured data centre with multiple connectivity options. You can get your own IT infrastructure and connect with our colocation centres and rest your IT infrastructure management needs on us without having to care about the physical location. We also possess the ability of managing your hybrid solutions, on-premises solutions and cloud storage facilities.

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With our data centre services you get specialised products that support your strategies and plans for a successful and progressive future. 

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What We Offer

We are trained to suggest designs and implement the right cage, suite and server cabinet solutions that will cater to your requirements of physical security and power usage.


Telstra Data Centre

Save on front-end costs by retaining your existing infrastructure and cater to the growing connectivity needs with Telstra data centres.


Equinix Data Centre

Benefit from the high-level collaboration and bring people, data and other imperatives on the same platform with Equinix data centres.


Colocation Services

Safeguard important data with our highest level of security practices. We cater to your requirement of physical security with cage suite and server cabinet solutions.


Disaster Recovery and Continuity

Leverage from the continuous power supply and advanced security practices to eliminate risks and save ownership costs.


Data Hub

Establish direct and highly secured interconnectivity between the collected abundance of data to make critical business decisions and improve customer experience.

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