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CRM – A Key to Sustain on the Competitive Aged Care Landscape

The Executive Brief Guide of Application of CRM in the Aged Care Industry

Why read this report?

Aged care sector is going through numerous changes due to several reasons such as frequent shifts in the government policies, inclination of the elderly towards the technology, financial instabilities and more. With these changes, another challenge that awaits the sector is changing preferences and demands of the senior citizens.

Apparently, the aged care industry deals with the most sensitive group of audiences since their customers are the people who should be dealt with utmost respect, dignity and empathy. The guide gives a brief overview of the reasons for the changes in the aged care sector, its trends, impact of the latest technologies on the same and how aged care institutions can benefit from the different modules of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and drive customer satisfaction.

Key takeaways:

  • Present and future of aged care industry
    All the corners of the aged care sector, whether they are small or large service providers, profit or non-profit organisations are experiencing significant changes. The factors that drive these changes are revamping the future of the aged care industry. The guide throws light on how technology is playing an instrumental role in bringing this wave of change.
  • Applications of CRM in aged care industry
    Managing increasing number of seniors with traditional methods such as diaries, notepads and sticky notes is a tedious task. A properly implemented CRM solution offers a range of features that can help aged care institutions effectively address seniors’ specific requirements and manage other workflows. The guide lists down all the areas where a CRM solution can enable an aged care institution to manage different business processes and offer an enhanced customer experience.
  • Use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in aged care industry
    Different modules of Microsoft Dynamics 365 offer effective insights and enables institutions to easily manage marketing, sales, customer service, finance and operations and other areas. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be integrated with several third party software that gives aged care institutions a competitive edge. The guide finely outlines how Sales, Marketing, Finance and Operation, Field Service and Customer Service modules of Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables aged care institutions to handle complex processes while offering superior customer services.

Exigo Tech specialises in deploying Microsoft Dynamics 365 modules and tailoring CRM solutions that suits the particular needs of the aged care sector. To know more:

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