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Design Thinking Process - Exigo Tech

Create Meaningful Solutions from Your Customer’s Needs Using a Design Thinking Process with Exigo Tech

Do you see your business from the eyes of your customer? If you do then that is what DESIGN THINKING is all about – building human-centric ideas to address customers unique needs. The Design Thinking Process is a method used for inventive and functional problem-solving. It is based on strategies that designers utilise (hence the name) but is derived from various sectors including business, design and engineering. Such a user-centric process can be applied to any field; it doesn’t have to be design specific.

What is Design Thinking?

Design thinking is a solution based approached which is used for solving a problem. Such an approach encourages businesses to focus on the audience they are serving which leads to better services, products and processes. So, you need to first think about what is desirable from the human perspective and bring it together with what is technologically  and economically feasible.

The design thinking process is nonlinear and flexible, looping back and forth around itself. With each new idea on a certain step, you need to go back and redefine what has been done before – it is never a straight line.

Principle - Design Thinking Process - Exigo Tech

Design Thinking Approach for Business

The Design Thinking approach in an agile and lean environment can lead to creating a highly efficient solution from the business perspective. The following is a basic guideline to help you integrate the Design Thinking process in your work.

Adoption Guidelines - Design Thinking Process - Exigo Tech

You need to understand your audience first in order to serve them better. This includes observing them, identify their needs and narrowing down the demographics. Such a mindset will help you comprehend how your business can contribute to them.

Talking to your prospective customers will help you understand them fully and grasp what they need. And when you know what people want you can define the roadblocks towards those desires and offer solutions.

Identify the common and most prominent problem and address only that. Centre all your focus towards one issue and define that into a tangible statement.

Brainstorm innovative solutions and think about how best you can serve the needs of people.

Develop a scaled-down version of your solution and get feedback from the target users. Share your model with customers to ensure that things are working centred around customers using it. Getting such feedback will help you build the best final product as per your target market needs.

Phases - Design Thinking Process - Exigo Tech

Benefits of the Design Thinking Process for Business

There is a range of benefits associated with the Design Thinking Process for business as it offers effective solutions to critical problems. Here are some of the most notable advantages you can expect to receive after adopting the Design Thinking approach:

  • Innovative and Creative Problem Solving
    The Design Thinking process is a wonderful catalyst for innovation. It is a great approach for building collaboration between teams and to create a space for productive idea-sharing.
  • Decrease the Risk of Developing New Ideas
    As the Design Thinking Process focuses on showing the prototype and taking feedback early, it ensures that the new ideas are in line with the user’s needs.
  • More Return On Investment
    A consistent Design Thinking strategy for business, can have significant outcomes and result in more revenue and higher returns.
  • Deliver Value to Your Customers
    The Design Thinking Process comes with the inspiration to solve problems. This can be simplifying the complex processes that people perform regularly.
  • Tackle Process and Increase Productivity
    The Design Thinking Process can also act as a method of analysis that helps in overcoming many misunderstandings that cause a delay in productivity.

Why Invest in the Design Thinking Process with Exigo Tech?

Thus, the ‘Design’ in the Design Thinking Process is not only about the appearances but is more about discovering new ideas to meet and exceed the needs of the audience. The Design Thinking Process is, hence, both managing philosophy of business and mindset focused on human-centric solutions.

The Design Thinking Process breaks down the complex problems into tangible parts that can be analysed and solved. Making such a change in your enterprise is not easy and requires expert help. At Exigo Tech, we have always used the Design Thinking Process and its principles in our work with clients. To engage in a Design Thinking approach with us: call on 1300 EXIGOTECH (394 468) or email us at


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