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Uplift the Reliability and the Agility Quotient of your Business with the Advanced Wireless Cradlepoint Solutions

It is quite evident that enterprises across the world are walking in uncharted territory. The organisations are faced with several challenges while walking on the path of development and success. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we entered a challenging era where businesses had to ensure that all the employees are empowered with the proper tools and applications to complete their tasks from any location and deviceWe solely relied on wireless connectivity for completing our daily tasks, conducting meetings or collaborating with our team members.  

Exigo Tech in partnership with Cradlepoint offers several wireless solutions that are engineered to offer business-grade connectivity. We provide an array of modems, adapters, wireless edge routers that are tailored to support operations over 5G cellular networks or LTEWe keep cloud-based SD-WAN management solution – NetCloud at the heart of your network to simplify its architecture and management and reduce operational and maintenance costs. The Cradlepoint products can be monitored from anywhere and are made with the latest security protocols so that you can rest assured regarding the security of the information being shared over these devices. Get in touch with us today to unlock feasible connectivity!

Ditch the Wired Mess and Still Remain Connected

Incorporate Cradlepoint Solutions into your Business Fabric with Exigo Tech and
Open the Doors to a Flexible and Wireless World

We have a team of network specialists who constructs your infrastructure by keeping the most suitable routers, adapters or other wireless solutions from the Cradlepoint product family at the centerOur main aim is to empower businesses across Australia with best-in-class connectivity.  

Experience the flexibility of managing all the wireless edge routers from a centralised cloud platform and any location.


Ensure business continuity in adverse environmental conditions with resilient devices that offer Gigabit-class LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity.


Share confidential public safety information, payment details or any other sensitive information without any security concerns with secured products.


Offer constant connectivity to your on-field employees by routing the network traffic through the most optimised path and ensure efficient operations and amicable customer experiences.

Trust the Experts to Include Cradlepoint Solutions into your Business Scenario

What We Offer

We bring reliable Cradlepoint solutions to you that enable you to build a connected workplace without having to create a net of wires.  

Business Continuity Solutions

We help you choose the right adapter solutions from the Cradlepoint suite to be included in your business set up. These adapters support the nonstop operation of critical productivity applications in challenging times.


Branch Connectivity Solutions

We in partnership with Cradlepoint provide routers that are designed to be deployed with zero-touch, deliver top-notch performance and are equipped with unified edge security and cloud management features to allow you to ensure optimum connectivity with your branch offices.


Wireless WAN Solutions

We offer effective wireless edge routers and NetCloud services from Cradlepoint to enable you to connect your branch offices so that all your employees have secured and easy access to applications, connected devices and cloud.


Training and Support Services

We train both sets of employees, one who will use the Microsoft 365 applications and the one who will be the administrators for the application suite to ensure that you are able to benefit from the complete capabilities of the Microsoft 365 product range.

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