Common Mistakes in Digital Transformation

Common Mistakes in Digital Transformation

Saying that someone had their “head in a clouds” wasn’t exactly a compliment in the past. However, these days most business owners have their thoughts on the cloud, or at least, on “The Cloud”. As the world becomes more and more connected, successful businesses are all racing to join in on the digital transformation. A digital transformation paired with cloud software solutions can mean that your business is significantly better equipped to be user and customer-friendly, efficient, innovative and ultimately more profitable. Yet, not all digital transformations are smooth sailing.

Here is a quick look at some of the common mistakes made by businesses as they navigate their digital transformation.

1. Unrealistic and Inflexible Plans

When you are making your first tentative steps into the digital world, it can be difficult to predict what exactly your digital presence should be. You may do a little preliminary research and make some educated guesses about what you need and you might create a plan. Great!

However, where many businesses fail is in making these initial plans so rigid that they can’t be altered. The early stages of your digital transformation are for exploration. While it is essential to have a plan to move forward, you don’t want that plan to be so inflexible that altering course becomes problematic. This is one reason why pairing your transformation with cloud-based software is imperative. By using cloud-based software solutions, you will have greater ability to experiment with various digital options. Software that works and suits your needs are easily kept and those which fail are easily removed. By using the Cloud, developing and distributing your new digital innovations becomes significantly easier.

If you are unsure, if your initial plans are too rigid or they are likely to create problems later on when things change, ensure that you engage with a Digital Transformation Specialist.

2. Starting Off Too Big…Or Too Small

Sometimes a business can falter during their transformation because they have jumped too far into the deep end. It can be tempting to embrace the new digital era with entirely open arms and make sweeping changes. However, some of these changes may not be necessary. Some changes may ultimately not be the right fit for you. On the other hand, other businesses might approach this new transformation with trepidation and make only the tiniest of changes. It may take some time to find the right balance for your needs. Here again, it pays to ground your transformation in a cloud software solution. By using the Cloud, you are entirely scalable. When things work, you can expand with ease. And when you realise that you may have gone a bit too far, it is a simple matter of re-framing your spend.

3. Spending Too Much Digital

Spending Too Much Digital engagement allows for businesses to become customer centric and this leads to growth and increased profitability. While relevant, it is vital that your digital transformation doesn’t end up costing more than it is worth. Consider each function carefully before committing and explore how significantly each change could help your bottom line. Using cloud software solutions will keep your costs down considerably as they work on a software as a service (SAAS) model rather than requiring a large up-front investment. It also pays to consult with a professional. The moderate fees associated with consultation pays great dividends in finding the correct, cost-efficient solutions.

4. Not Seeking Professional Help

Finally, too many businesses opt to go it alone. For most, they may be excellent at their business of choice however they may not have the necessary skills or expertise internally to properly execute a strong digital transformation. Choosing an outside provider with the right credentials is important. Whatever your goals might be, big or small, getting access to professional assistance is essential. Ensure that you get solution-oriented assistance which leads directly to results. Digital transformation need not be intimidating. Choose the right partner and you can expect quality service delivered from the beginning of your journey until the end.

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