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It is a proven fact that the companies who don’t invest in data computing and analytics capabilities will not get to taste success in the long run. The businesses irrespective of their size need to invest in building an IT infrastructure to survive on the competitive landscape. With Equinix colocation services, you can rent out space from your service provider to place network components and physical servers whilst safeguarding your critical data. By investing in colocation solutions also known as colo, you can bypass the initial infrastructure setup and save the adjacent costs as well.

We at Exigo Tech specialise in delivering solutions by keeping Equinix data centres at the core to ensure that your critical data is secured and easily accessible whenever required. We conduct workshops and discussions to understand your business requirements and then tailor the cloud environment using different Equinix products so that you have an IT infrastructure in place in which you can lean on. Speak to one of our cloud experts today to know the capabilities of colocation services and how can you benefit from them.


Eliminate data centre installation problems as our technicians ensure that the cables are laid out perfectly.


Rest assured regarding the business continuity as Equinix data centres are equipped with several resources like internet connectivity, physical security and continuous power supply.


Avail optimum bandwidth for all your business processes and operate without any glitches during the peak business hours.


Support the evolving needs of your business by utilising the scalability attribute of this colocation solution.

Step into the Digitalised Future with an Abled IT Infrastructure

What We Offer

We at Exigo Tech always strive to keep up with the changing trends on the technology landscape. We change our offerings and solution architecture to suit the pace of time and technological advances with a view of delivering optimised business results.

Equinix Cages and Cabinets

In association with Equinix, we deliver cages and cabinets that are designed with tight security controls such as biometric hand sensors and cameras to ensure the confidentiality of your IT resources.


Business Continuity Trading Rooms

We offer Equinix business continuity trading rooms that house the latest workstation equipment and dual monitors along with an uninterruptible power supply to ensure that you are up and running in a short period in case of an unfortunate event.


IBX Data Centers

We place each step of data centre implementation diligently to ensure that our solutions address your business’ changing needs whilst sticking to the defined budgets.


Equinix Platforms

Utilise the versatile capabilities of the platforms and locate them in vicinity of your customers and let us guarantee low latency performance and enhanced client experiences. Adapt a digitalised business model with feature-rich platforms.

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