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Modern businesses are facing social, economic and digital challenges. The technology shifts, the need to have a global presence and the requirement of a customer-centric business model have made it clear that businesses need to bring a significant change in their usual styles. They need to lean on technology to connect their siloed processes and operations and build their working methods around customers’ preferences. Investment in cloud platform is certainly a step towards overcoming the customer engagement challenge.

We are one of the top cloud service providers and hence have the experience and expertise to address the cloud needs of businesses of every niche and size. We assess your requirements first and then help you pick the correct cloud services so that you can start realising the benefits quickly. We deploy the cloud environment and empower it with our network services to ensure that none of your operations or product releases slow down due to poor connectivity.

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with Cloud Services from Exigo Tech

We help you realise your business goals and turn cloud strategies into action. Acquire the agility to compute, add a layer of security to your confidential data and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Release your innovative solutions in the market without having to worry about any underlying costs.


Manage fluctuating workloads by distributing them in either private, public or hybrid cloud and avoid interruptions.


Exercise extensive control over the cloud environment and select prebuilt tools to shape business-specific solutions.


Lower the administrative burden on developers with easy to read cloud dashboards and analytics and give them the time to focus on application release.

Ensure Business Growth with Ease

What We Offer

Our cloud services experts along with our solution and implementation specialists guide, plan, deploy and manage your business’s cloud needs, ensuring that the cloud service and solution adds real-time value to your business.

Cloud Consulting

We help you choose the cloud option or the combination of cloud options that will exactly cater to your business needs. With the correct cloud environment deployed, you can reduce risks and realise an early return on investments.


Private Cloud

We offer several private cloud solutions that can be customised to suit your specific business needs and provide you with the proper and secured tools and applications that enables you to deliver customer specific solutions and enhance your market reputation.


Public Cloud

We bring private cloud options that support numerous open source projects so that you can maintain your innovative streak and keep delighting your customers with reliable, intelligent and efficient solutions and build a loyal customer base.


Hybrid Cloud

We deliver an integrated environment so that you can host and run your business-critical applications in the ideal cloud ecosystem. With this extensive control, you can ensure security, data portability and eliminate lapses or glitches for your solutions.


Cloud Backup

We protect your business in the times of disaster events by storing all your data online so that you can bounce back and start from where you left off. We have effective maintenance plans in place to ensure that any technical glitch doesn’t deter you from your goals.


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

We help you empower your remote workforce to access their desktops from any location and any device. The data is located on a server and not on endpoint devices, so your confidential information is safe even when the device is lost or stolen.

Decipher Cloud Strategies with Us

Cloud Services from Exigo Tech – We Manage Multi-Cloud Environments
so that you can Operate at your Optimum Potential

We, being one of the best cloud service providers, understand that there is a lot more that goes into cloud environment apart from the deployment. We offer end to end cloud services so that you have time to think upon other business imperatives.


We assess your infrastructure resources and help you move the workloads to the hybrid cloud environment so that you can leverage several benefits of cloud deployment such as scalability.



We develop strategies that help you accelerate cloud adoption across your organisation to convert your digital transformation initiatives into reality and expand your reach and open new revenue generation opportunities.



We are equipped with all the capabilities that are necessary for building a secured cloud environment. We maintain a list of the most common vulnerabilities to prepare your cloud for these attacks.


Managed Cloud Services

We provide you with the right tools, environment and time to develop new applications as we manage your legacy cloud solutions. We reduce risks, assure maximum uptime and accelerated time to market.

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