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The shift in customer requirements and the enthusiasm to grow and present the world with new inventions call for flexible and scalable application development and hosting environment. The legacy data centres might not be able to fulfill the need for quick computing and shorter time to market. Furthermore, the digital revolution and swiftly approaching fourth industrial revolution are putting pressure on businesses to replace their tight and traditional systems with more flexible solutions. Therefore, the businesses are considering migration to the cloud platforms as a viable option.

We deploy cloud platforms ourselves and hence are aware of their capabilities and the benefits these can offer to your business. We provide a roadmap for your entire cloud journey starting right from migrating the legacy architecture to cloud and choosing the right cloud platform to managing and supporting these. Our experts offer cloud consulting services to equip you with all the imperatives to convert your present business model into a digital one and use the industry 4.0 environment for your advantage.

Move to Cloud

Cloud Consulting Services from Exigo Tech
Explore a World of Benefits and Opportunities

We have a team of certified cloud experts who keep updating themselves to stay in tandem with the advancements on the cloud landscape. We recommend numerous cloud solutions that open avenues of growth and revenue generation for you.

Ensure business continuity as your critical data is backed up in the cloud platforms.


Discover an environment of pre-built tools and technologies and find the right means to innovate.


Remain prepared for your clients’ complex requirements with a host of computing resources.


Continue adding networking and computing resources to a secured cloud platform to strengthen your IT stature.


What We Offer

We support you at every step of your journey to cloud adoption. We are one of the top cloud service providers in Sydney and specialise in shifting your legacy infrastructure to a resilient cloud environment.


Migration Strategy

We formulate a plan wherein we divide the entire migration process into several milestones for you to understand easily and follow it. We cover every possible business aspect in our approach to avoid disruptions in your current operations.


Selection of Cloud Model

We bring numerous cloud options such as Azure, Amazon Web Services, Telstra Cloud and IBM Cloud and help you pick the right option on the basis of your present and future needs.


Zeroing Down on a Service Model

We weigh the pros and cons of each of the services models namely IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service) and then recommend a suitable option to prepare your business for future disruptions.


Measuring Performance

We define a performance matrix for the applications migrated on the cloud platform to monitor and control several parameters such as system performance and user experience.


Implementing Security Policies

We apply an added layer of security and advise you with the latest security measures to ensure that you don’t fall prey to the sophisticated attack methods by the hackers nowadays.

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