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Exigo Tech offers cloud computing security services to reduce your
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Tighten your Security Posture with Cloud Computing Security Services from Exigo Tech

As enterprises turn to multiple cloud solutions to solve different challenges, they also face new risks and added responsibilities when it comes to maintaining a strong cloud computing security. The rapid adoption of the cloud can leave an organisation with security blind spots from unmonitored services and unknown sources. Not having a powerful security strategy in place can expose sensitive information to potential attacks from the unknown. Several security concerns such as data breaches, hacked interface, compromised credentials, system vulnerabilities along with lack of expertise, knowledge and control can render your organisation at major risk for attacks leading to devastating effects. Exigo Tech helps you respond to these security concerns with a complete array of solutions you need to effectively manage your security across hybrid cloud estate. 

Cloud security also known as cloud computing security involves formulating strategies and policies to protect the data and infrastructure with regards to the cloud. At Exigo Tech, we assist your business to utilise cloud services in a secure and compliant manner by providing complete support and cloud computing security services for your ongoing cloud evolution. We help businesses redesign their enterprise from the core and build secure cloud-first capabilities complying with the industry regulations and security standards. 

Safeguard your cloud environment with a secure framework

Integrate cloud computing security into every step of your
cloud journey

Exigo Tech’s zero-trust security framework assists businesses as they begin their cloud journey by safeguarding their information, application and IT following the cloud security best practices. We focus on your unique cloud computing security challenges and provide independent solutions so that you can leverage a range of benefits.   
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Identity access combined with continuous real-time monitoring to ensure that the right people always have the right access, wherever your data is stored.

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Deeply integrated solutions that can be customised to automate security tasks and reducing human errors giving your team more time to focus on the core business.

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Stop the malware or attacks before it reaches your endpoint and reduce the time spent on remediating threats.

Cloud Computing Security 5 - Exigo Tech

Gain complete visibility into your organisation’s security framework to detect an incident and analyse its root cause.

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Improve cloud computing security with no impact on end-user productivity.

Cloud computing security that drives business

What We Offer

Like any computing ecosystem, cloud computing security also involves maintaining adequate protections so that the data and system function safely. Our cloud computing security solutions involve protecting your data, applications and infrastructure that is involved within the public, private or hybrid cloud.  
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Identity Protection

Have granular control over actions, users, roles with an additional defence layer. Ensure restricted access to the most sensitive operations, protect from suspicion user activity and minimise the risk of compromised accounts.

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Public Cloud Security

Gain visibility, control and data protection across your multi cloud environment to safeguard sensitive data within the cloud services and maintain the best practices. Monitor storage devices, identify and protect misconfigurations across the public cloud to help prevent data loss.

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Cloud Compliance Solutions

Manage internal standards and government requirements such as regulatory compliances with our cloud computing security services. Continuous monitoring of cloud architecture for compliance with different standards and fix any issues if found.

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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Ensure business continuity with a full plan for backup and recovery without compromising reliability. Slash downtimes and keep applications running on the cloud-based environment even during unplanned outages.

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Cloud CRM/ERP Solutions

Secure your cloud with a unified cloud computing security CRM, automating security at large, preventing incidents and giving you control and visibility over any workload across any cloud.

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