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Re-define your Network Management

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With a thorough understanding of the importance of networks to build strong enterprises, Exigo Tech brings advanced managed services to its customers with Cisco Meraki – an enterprise scalable network management solution focused on simplicity, reducing complexity and empowering people to stay on track with more important matters of their business.

Cisco Meraki provides a comprehensive network solution including wireless, switching, cloud networking, security, EMM, communications and security camera, all managed centrally from a web-based dashboard interface.

Cisco Meraki has paved a new way of thinking when it comes to network management today. Its cloud-based architecture builds secure, scalable and easy-to-deploy networks that can be managed from anywhere. With Meraki, the more products you use on your network, the more outcomes you get.

Powerful Features Enabled by Cloud Architecture

Check out the many features of Cisco Meraki cloud based solution.

Built in ic
Consistent and replicable configuration
Automatic firmware upgrades
Secure Site-to-Site VPN without previous IPsec knowledge
Layer 7 traffic visibility
Managed service
Virtual stacking
Intelligent WAN traffic optimisation
Mobile devices and desktops management
Automatic network topology map

Simplify Workplace Management

With Cisco Meraki, you can harness the power of the cloud, streamline the number of devices on-site and easily access all data through a single console.

Enterprise grade cloud management solution

Meraki Dashboard

Cloud managed indoor and outdoor access points (MR product line)

Wireless security and Bluetooth Low Energy beaconing

Cloud managed security appliances (MX product line)

Routing, switching, security, remote access, wireless

Dynamics project save automation
Stackable L2 and L3 switches

Virtual stacking

Cloud based Enterprise Mobility Management

Systems Manager

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