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Create a Secured Layer Across Your Organisation’s Intellectual Property with Check Point Solutions and Exigo Tech

The changes in the working patterns and business models call for different IT components. Cloud, complex networks, artificial intelligence, IoT, machine learning and remote working have become a reality of the modern businesses. To protect the exchange of information these enterprises often invest in different security solutions. The inclusion of too many security devices in your infrastructure makes it difficult for your IT department to continuously monitor and manage them. Check Point solutions are tailored with a consolidated cybersecurity architecture that makes them capable of protecting every fixture of your IT environment including the personal mobile devices of your employees.

Exigo Tech brings a mix of Check Point products using, which you can immune your IT environment from any attacks. Our security experts utilise the efficient features of these devices and connectivity between them to conceal all the loopholes in your business fabric. As the solutions are available in per user and per year subscription you can scale up and down as per your requirements. Furthermore, you get real-time updates of your IT resources and hence, can take quick actions against the Gen V cyber-attacks and prevent any data theft or loss. Contact us to discuss more about these solutions and immune your IT ecosystem from advanced threats and attacks.

Be Safe from Bad Actors

Ensure Consistent Security Across your Entire IT Infrastructure
with Check Point Solutions Deployed by Exigo Tech

Our consulting team utilise their industry experience of several years to support your entire journey of security solutions installation by analysing the actions of bad actors of the past years and predicting the upcoming threats as per your industry niche and business model.

Be ready with a full-proof action and remediation plan as you receive real-time updates from your IT surface via Check Point solutions and reduce the possibility of a breach.


Be efficient by monitoring the threats and attacks on your IT space from a single glass pane of Check Point products.


Be productive and progressive by bringing all your IT components across the organisation under an umbrella of a single Check Point solution.


Be safe by authenticating every transaction of business information over emails, texts, chats, calls or calendars with a range of effective products.

Secure IT Interactions

What We Offer

Our security experts keep abreast with the evolving cyber threats and therefore are the right people to deploy a combination of Check Point solutions to guarantee the security of your organisation’s IT assets.

Cloud Security

Gain the confidence of accessing your business-critical applications from a public or hybrid cloud environments without the fear or concern of losing the information to bad actors due to the loopholes in your security infrastructure with Check Point cloud security solutions.


Network Security

With a line of Check Point network security products such as Gateways, Firewalls and Maestro you can protect your network from any advanced attacks. You can use these solutions in combination with your existing hardware to save on the new infrastructure and training costs.


Endpoint Security

The Check Point products are equipped with features and controls that are required for ensuring endpoint security. The flexibilities confirm network security, advanced threat prevention and data security to let your remote workforce operate from any location and device.


Mobile Security

Let our experts create an isolated protected mobile workspace, with Capsule Mobile Secure Workspace solution for you where your users can be authenticated every time, they try to access your organisation’s confidential information from their devices and ensure data security.

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