Cenversa Chose Exigo Tech, a Microsoft Gold Partner to Build a Reliable Document Management Portal

Cenversa is an Australianowned and managed premium brand known for supplying products to the pets and vet markets across the country. The group was founded in 1960 as a family-owned veterinary wholesaling business. The company has come a long way since then as it now employs 160 people across Australia in its several units. Cenversa also has eight sister companies.  

The Business Need

Cenversa and their eight sister companies have thousands of customers who have a substantial amount of information that Cenversa needs to track for business purposes. Cenversa wanted to be able to view the customer’s unique id and associate the same with all their documents. The ease of accessing the required documents on the move was one of their requirements as well. Furthermore, they wanted a solution that takes the majority of the manual work out of the document management process and is secured enough to not allow any unauthorised personnel to get hold of the company’s confidential information.

The Solution

Exigo Tech, a Microsoft Gold partner, teamed up with Cenversa to understand their requirements and deliver an effective solution. We suggested to them to integrate their traditional ERP system with SharePoint Online. Using our product knowledge, we designed an intranet portal with SharePoint at the core to help them locate their customers’ files and information quickly and seamlessly. The ability to edit the documents and view the modifications in near real-time enabled them to improve their document management capabilities. We automated the creation of team sites and using the functionality, the Cenversa team can create a separate site for any customer, global or local supplier who joins their network. Furthermore, we with our Microsoft Power Automate expertise automated the creation of document libraries as well.  

We created Office 365 and SharePoint groups and defined viewing and editing permissions so that the teams are not required to give individual people the required rights. We tailor made a search panel in the SharePoint solution to enable the Cenversa team to find the documents by entering only a few keywords. The Cenversa team improved employee engagement by using the SharePoint portal to circulate news, blogs or any other crucial information. 

Technology Used

The Business Benefits

By choosing Exigo Tech as their technology enabler, the team at Cenversa were able to derive value from the offered solution as it guarantees documents’ security with easy and quick accessibility. More of their business benefits are listed below

Streamlined document management.

Secured access to confidential documents on the move.

Automated creation of team sites and document libraries resulted in zero human error.

Improved employee engagement with a common intranet portal.

Saved overhead costs as the solution was integrated with the existing ERP solution.

Case Study

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