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Digital distribution is not an unknown term anymore in the market place. Every business needs to either embrace it or fall into its trap. So, either you change your business to embrace the new ways or get disrupted by resisting it. Cooks plumbing wanted to make sure that they embrace the change. As one of the pioneers in their industry vertical, they recognised the importance of technology and how it could enable them to improve their productivity and work efficiencies across their multisite organisation.

Cooks Plumbing is a group of hardware stores / warehouses providing plumbing supplies. They were losing productivity as most of their orders were taken manually over phone calls or via emails, causing error and inefficiencies. Cook’s employed approx. a team of 20 people to process their orders and Invoices for their 11 site locations and 1700 plus clients.

The Business Need

  • Improve communication with internal and external clients
  • Increase accessibility to products and pricing
  • Provide “White Label” services to their business partners
  • Empower Business partner with operational platform from which they can serve their client efficiently
  • Improve BI reporting and forecasting for the business
  • Reduce operation costs by streamlining processes

The Solution

Cook’s approached Exigo Tech to work with their internal team to create a web based system, which can be accessed from anywhere and on any device to reduce operational cost and increase productivity. Exigo Tech developed Cook’s Connect, an Online Business System, from which their clients and business partners could self-service client requests and manage their business.

Generate Quotes
Place Orders
Manage and Pay Invoices
Generate Reports

Technology Used

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Business Benefits

The collaborative solution developed by Exigo Tech empowered Cook’s, their client and business partners and streamlined invoicing and payment. The reporting is helping Cook’s Plumbing with forecasting future trends, allocating budget and anticipating expenses for the upcoming period.

Case Study

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