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A Customised PowerApps Platform to Make Employee Onboarding a Hassle-free Process

Businesses are looking for solutions for automating their routine operations so that they can free up their employee’s time to focus on other important activities. Onboarding employees is one of those processes that requires many checkpoints to be completed which increases manual intervention.  

The Business Need

When an employee joins any organisation there are a lot of things that needs to be completed in the backend by the admin and HR department. These multiple activities sometimes leave the HR and admin teams overwhelmed and they can miss several important points. To streamline this process, an efficient system was required.  

The Solution

Microsoft PowerApps platform presented all the capabilities which are required in an effective HRMS (Human Resource Management System)customised out of the box solution for the HR and admin teams to manage their employee onboarding activities, was createdThe solution has an interface which HR and admin professionals can use to assign department to the newly joined employee. From this interface, the onboarding tasks can be assigned to any member of the department who can inform the new employee of the processes. These points can then be sent to Microsoft Planner and tasks are automatically created. The notifications for the tasks are sent to the employees who need to initiate the onboarding activities for the new employee. There is also a dashboard which allows the HR professional to monitor the number of onboarding tasks assigned to any employee.  

Technology Used

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Business Benefits

With the Microsoft product suite, businesses are able to streamline the employee onboarding process. Many checkpoints on the employee onboarding journey are automated by the system, leaving plenty of time for human resources and admin professionals to focus on their core activities.  

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