Bitzer Kickstarted their Business Transformation Journey with Exigo Tech

Bitzer, a world leader in compressor technology, has spent the past 80 years in providing outstanding services in refrigeration and air conditioning applications. The company has also expanded its manufacturing capabilities to include a range of refrigeration and HVAC&R equipment and other value-added products (AVP) such as condensing units, pressure vessels, natural refrigerant systems and transcritical systems, while keeping it environmentally friendly.

With an aim of business transformation, Bitzer was looking to migrate from their legacy system and make use of the newer technologies in the market to further their growth. Alleviating the business challenges related to processes across different plants was the main goal.

The Business Need

  • 1. Implement newer technological solutions to support business transformation
  • 2. Achieve business process standardisation across different plants
  • 3. Plan and implement improved service business models

The Solution

Exigo Tech was selected as Bitzer’s technology partner to evaluate the current systems and help with the migration and implementation of technology. After a thorough study of the business process and with deep understanding of the technologies required, Exigo Tech commissioned a long term project to assist Bitzer in its business transformation.

Exigo Tech, as a solution partner, worked with Bitzer to ensure their business requirements are met within the budget, timelines and delivery schedule decided. The project began with implementing solutions with the Microsoft suite of products and slowly advancing towards other business needs defined. With moving its services and solutions to a Microsoft stack, Bitzer was assured of a more agile and scalable system which would streamline their IT and enable future growth of the company. D365 modules for Finance and Operations, Customer Service and Field Service was successfully implemented to bring about the transformation in the business processes. The data migration in to Dynamics 365 was managed seamlessly with checkpoints built in to maintain quality.

Bitzer simplified their distributed server environment located in many areas across Australia and New Zealand and consolidated them into one Microsoft Azure and Office 365 environment. With a centralised IT core to support their business and a cloud based platform, Bitzer achieved business efficiency across the entire organisation along with cost effective business continuity and data backup.






Data Migration


Business Continuity

Technology Used

Business Benefits

With Microsoft Dynamics experts and on-going support from the managed services team at Exigo Tech, Bitzer’s business transformation continues in full swing while they remain on their journey of building world class compressor solutions. Streamlining their business processes has given Bitzer the much-needed agility with a huge saving in time taken to run their processes.

Enhanced decision making

Improved process efficiency

Improved reporting


Simplified server environment

Case Study

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