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Exigo Tech, a reliable managed service provider in Sydney, formulates business continuity plans to ensure that an IT failure doesn’t disrupt your routine operations. 
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Don't Treat Technology problems on an ``As They Happen`` Basis

Be Prepared for any IT Failures with Effective Business Continuity Plans from Exigo Tech – Managed Service Provider in Sydney

The modern business landscape has become diverse. Most of the modern businesses’ ecosystem includes partners, suppliers, and vendors. Any interruption in their operations generates a huge, negative impact on the entire sphere. Also, businesses have become technology dependent. So, they need to remain at the helm of every technology advancement to not thrive but survive as well. Here is when a business continuity plan from a well-known managed service provider in Sydney – Exigo Tech, becomes handy. 

With our business continuity plan, you can avoid risks related to IT infrastructure and ensure resiliency. We prepare a plan that reduces the impact of the incident and allows you to resume your business operations in a short time. We adopt a holistic approach while creating a continuity plan and it includes several strategies that aim to safeguard your data and brand reputation and retain customers and enable you to reduce the overhead IT costs in the long run.  

Exigo Tech has a Competitive Edge over Other Managed Service Providers in Sydney

We understand the technicalities that are associated with securing and backing up the integrated systems that are hosted across distributed environments. We as a veteran managed service provider in Sydney address the most complicated aspects of the business continuity plan including disaster recovery, resiliency, regulatory compliance and security.  

Business Continuity 2 – Exigo Tech

Identify and Measure

Study your business model, research vulnerabilities that might attack your surface to include effective measures in our plan.

Business Continuity 4 – Exigo Tech

Educate Users

Conduct training sessions, train your employees with all the next steps that need to be taken in an event of a disaster.

Business Continuity 3 – Exigo Tech

Deploy and Evaluate

Tailor resiliency strategies, check their effectiveness in your business model and fill in the gaps to ensure business continuity.

Business Continuity 5 – Exigo Tech

Perform Drills

Switch the intended loads to the disaster recovery site to ensure that the site is ready to handle the workloads during uncertain times.

Managed Services from Exigo Tech Helped Rhino Rack Ensure Business Continuity

Rhino Rack was looking for a network solution that can be scaled easily to accommodate the evolving needs of their business. Rhino Rack wanted a business continuity solution that supports their routine operations in an event of a disaster. 

Exigo Tech, a Microsoft Gold partner, deployed a bunch of solutions that enabled Rhino Rack to make the most out of their IT spend. We, using our prowess of Sophos products implemented Sophos XG Firewall and Intercept X to ensure optimum level of cybersecurity for all the IT assets of Rhino Rack. With managed services from Exigo Tech, Rhino Rack was able to minimise the data loss and have peace of mind to work on the business development strategies.  

Download the PDF to learn how Exigo Tech, a reliable managed service provider in Sydney, empowered Rhino Rack to make the correct use of the technology mix and scale new heights.  

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