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MS SharePoint 1 – Exigo Tech

Build a Secure Collaboration System with MS SharePoint Solutions from Exigo Tech

One of the world’s most popular collaboration platform, MS SharePoint is used by over 190 million people across the globe. MS SharePoint uses workflow applications, databases and other web parts and security tools to empower teams to work together. It also provides businesses with the ability to control and access information and automate processes across their business units. The advanced version of Microsoft cloud, SharePoint online has many more additional capabilities with cloud applications. SharePoint helps organisations collaborate and share with colleagues, customers, allows groups to set up a secure and centralised place for document editing, sharing and downloading. It is an enormously adaptable system and differs in its use from organisation to organisation. But many companies rush into the full MS SharePoint implementation without even a proper understanding of what it is and how their business requirements align with the SharePoint platform. This results in a failed implementation and loss of productivity. This blog provides an overview of MS SharePoint, its capabilities and the solutions we, being one of the SharePoint consultants in Australia offer.  

What Does MS SharePoint Solutions from Exigo Tech Offer to Businesses?

Organisations use SharePoint to store, share, organise and access business data from any device and even to create websites. All this with the only requirement of having a web browser. Some of the features of our SharePoint offer includes:  

  • Content Management: Manage and organise content using lists, metadata, records management, libraries and retention policies.  
  • Team Sites: Provide a space for a predetermined group of users to collaborate on content, data and news.
  • Communication Sites: Share and communicate messages across the organisations with flexible and dynamics subsites.
  • External Sharing: Allows sharing of the files and content with users and people both within and outside of the organisation.
  • Mobile Apps: Access team sites, intranet and content on Android, iOS and Windows devices.  
  • Automation: Create alerts and develop business workflows with automated processes.  

MS SharePoint 2 – Exigo Tech Keys to Successfully Implement MS SharePoint into your Business  

A sound SharePoint implementation requires a robust strategy that is in line with the business goals and operations. Here are a few success factors for MS SharePoint implementation compiled by our SharePoint team based on their project experiences.  

  •  Design a Strategic Plan

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” and the first step towards a successful SharePoint is in understanding the business objectives and defining the problems that SharePoint is expected to resolve.  

  • Hire SharePoint Experts

It is important to work with SharePoint experts who can set your project up for success. Our experienced SharePoint experts know how to translate your goals.  

  • Develop Training Strategy 

 A new software is of no good if people don’t know how to use it. Engage your users early and invest time and effort to train them before the implementation is complete. This way, the users will be familiar with the platform and will be more equipped when they start using the site.  

  • Create a Governance Plan

It is necessary to have SharePoint governance best practices for the continued success of the MS SharePoint implementation. We can help you assemble a team of users, managers and IT personnel to keep track of the data and collaborate as a governance team.  

What’s New with MS SharePoint 2021?  

In today’s modern workplace of remote working, employees have high expectations for the latest collaboration features. SharePoint 2021 responds to this demand by improving quality and making sharing of the data with teams easier than ever.

  • SharePoint Success Site

This is a new template book from Microsoft that builds upon other sites such as Microsoft 365 learning pathways. It is designed to help businesses that are looking to rollout SharePoint and improve the site quality that they are designing.  

We can help you in deploying this as a part of our SharePoint intranet consulting services.   

  • SharePoint Space

This platform was released at the end of 2020 and provides the organisation with the opportunity to implement mixed reality experiences on site. It can be used for virtual training, classroom and providing demonstrations for products and services.   

  • SharePoint News Improvement

This panel now has a new template functionality that allows users to set a new default page for the sites. It also alerts users to complete the missing field before publishing and allows automation.  

  • SharePoint Syntex

This is a new product that is designed to provide AI and Machine learning assistance with automated protection and classification of content within MS SharePoint. It will streamline organisations that are manually classifying data and metadata to achieve this.  

We are excited to see what more Microsoft will bring us in the future with SharePoint. If you also want to jumpstart and invest in MS SharePoint for your business needs, contact us on 1300 EXIGOTECH (394 468) or email at today, our SharePoint experts will be more than happy to explore how we can work together.   

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