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Azure Synapse – Exigo Tech

Bring Data Driven Agility to your Business by Leveraging Azure Synapse with Exigo Tech

The way of doing business has changed completely, and it will never be the same again. This pandemic has accelerated digital transformations across many businesses. Enterprises are looking to drive agility and embrace cloud to modernise their operations and ensure safety while driving innovation. A recent survey by global business barometer, revealed that digital agility would be the key factor in the post-Covid world resilience, and integration of the technology would be the significant solution for such a recovery.

Azure has worked into creating a platform that combines the data warehousing with data visualisation and analytics in a single place. This enhanced version of Azure will help businesses to utilise their information more effectively and safely by integrating the information from various sources and warehouses and frameworks. This will also empower the enterprises to better utilise artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand data. Azure Synapse has evolved significantly to support the DevOps to work better. With this improved version, Microsoft has presented the advanced features which were missing in the previous version of Azure Data Warehouse.

What is Microsoft Azure Synapse?

Azure Synapse is Microsoft’s limitless data analytics tool that brings together all the data warehousing and data processing in a single managed environment with no systems or integrations required.

Azure Synapse allows you to manage and analyse all your dispersed data in one place with deeper insights through its Machine learning and Power BI capabilities. It acts as a missing link which enables discovery of large amounts of data and offers a single stage to manage multiple tasks:

  • Visualising reports and insights using Power BI tools 
  • Management of business Data Warehouse to build models using Azure Technology 
  • Data Analysis on Spark (powered by Databricks) or SQL (powered by Azure Data Warehouse) 

The below image will help you better understand the magnificent capabilities of this Business Data Warehouse and Analytics Framework for your organisation.

Azure Synapse1 – Exigo Tech

How Exigo Tech and Azure Synapse Together Help in Building Intelligence Data Solutions for Your Business?

With Azure Synapse, enterprises will now be able to execute analytical projects efficiently and obtain meaningful business outcomes. Exigo Tech is focused on stepping up access and delivery of high-quality data assets through Azure. Whether it is the classic BI work or data with advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence models, analysis of this data will be much faster with the advanced analytics framework of Azure. To schedule an appointment with one of our Azure specialists,To engage in a Design Thinking approach with us: call on 1300 EXIGOTECH (394 468) or email us at

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