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Aged Care Services – Exigo Tech

Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Elevate the Level of your Aged Care Services

Service providers in the aged care sector are faced with the same challenges  as the companies belonging to other verticals. The organisations should be prepared to adapt the changes coming on the technology front and continue offering enhanced services to...

Vivek Trivedi Microsoft Dynamics 19-09-2019
Office 365 – Exigo Tech

Ensure the security of your digital organisation with Microsoft Office 365

In my earlier posts, I have talked at length about how digital transformation is important for businesses’ success and what should businesses do to survive the wave of digital transformation. The whole process of digitalisation does offer abundant benefits of...

Vivek Trivedi Digital Transformation 12-09-2019
Machine Learning – Exigo Tech

How Machine Learning is Changing the Dynamics of Cyber Security for Australian Businesses

I was not shocked to read that private details of almost 100,000 Australian bank customers were exposed in a cyber-attack on a real-time platform called PayID (source: The Sydney Morning Herald). It is not that the hackers are eyeing at...

Vivek Trivedi Security 05-09-2019
Digital Transformation – Exigo Tech

Digital Transformation – Changing the Data Security Dynamics for the Australian businesses

In the present day and age, every business is flooded with initiatives to go digital. And why not, digitalisation breaks down the existing barriers, opens up an avenue of opportunities, offers brilliant collaboration options – practically everything which modern businesses...

Vivek Trivedi Digital Transformation 22-08-2019
Digital Transformation Agency – Exigo Tech

Seven Tips from a Leading Digital Transformation Agency to Survive and Thrive Digital Disruption

Digital transformation has not really reached its end point. The journey is long and the CEOs are trying to get a knack of it. Initially, digital transformation was all about improving efficiencies and streamlining processes, but now the focus has...

Vivek Trivedi Digital Transformation 13-08-2019
Telstra Calling Services in Sydney – Exigo Tech

Why Collaboration is Important for Your Business and How can You Achieve it With Telstra Calling for Office 365

Businesses of present day and age believe in fostering a flexible environment where employees can work from anywhere and at anytime. The businesses also have transcended their geographical boundaries and have branches across the world. Well, for enterprises to remain...

Vivek Trivedi Cloud 30-07-2019
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