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Digital Transformation Technologies – Exigo Tech

Digital Transformation is Not About Numerous Technologies but the Correct Technologies

We all in some way or another have consumed minimalism in our personal and professional lives. Following the principle of minimalism, also has its perks. You get to evaluate your choices and also change your focus from, more is better approach to intention is better approach. The same...

Vivek Trivedi Digital Transformation 16-01-2020
Internet of Things Technology - Exigo Tech

Business Benefits You can Achieve with the Combination of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things Technology

Internet of things technology is considered as a vague term by Australian corporates. The same can be said for Artificial intelligence (AI), especially after technologies such as machine learning, deep learning or genetic algorithms have surfaced on the technology front....

Vivek Trivedi IoT 19-12-2019
Internet of Things – Exigo Tech

Why Medical Professionals should be Prepared for the Internet of Things?

In my last article, I talked about IoT at length and also focused on its applications in the healthcare sector. Following on, in this post I want to concentrate on the effects of rapid adoption of the internet of things...

Vivek Trivedi IoT 12-12-2019
IoT – Exigo Tech

IoT in the Healthcare Industry: Enabling Institutes to Deliver Superior Quality Care

I won’t be exaggerating when I say that IoT has given the midas touch to every industrial sector it has touched. Internet of things has connected objects and also has enabled every industry to gain an edge and healthcare is one of those industries on...

Vivek Trivedi IoT 05-12-2019
Cloud Computing – Exigo Tech

Is spending in cloud computing services jeopardising your IT budget? This is a guide to optimise your cloud computing budget

Australian businesses are constantly improving themselves with the latest technology solutions. No matter what the business size is and the sector they belong to, business owners are including cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation and many others in their existing ecosystems. Inclusion...

Vivek Trivedi Cloud 28-11-2019
Hybrid Cloud – Exigo Tech

How Different is Multi Cloud from Hybrid Cloud? What are the Points You Need to Consider while Devising a Hybrid Cloud Strategy?

Cloud and cloud computing are becoming mainstream for many Australian businesses. A report from Deloitte states that with the adoption of cloud services, Australian corporates have experienced a 42% increase in productivity which has benefitted the economy of $9.4 billion...

Vivek Trivedi Cloud 21-11-2019
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