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Best practices for a small business to stay secure

In my last article (Why your small business needs enterprise-grade security?) my emphasis was on the need of cybersecurity for small businesses. With cyberthreats on the rise, we are no longer safe from cyberattacks and to safeguard the business is top priority...

Vivek Trivedi Technology 23-04-2018

Why your small business needs enterprise-grade security?

Research and reports worldwide show that cyberattacks are on the rise. The year 2017 saw ransomware infections on huge business houses such as Merck and Maersk and also cyberattacks on some US spy agencies and healthcare institutions such as NHS....

Vivek Trivedi Technology 02-04-2018

Your Cloud: Public vs Dedicated On-premise vs Hybrid Servers

As a Cloud service provider, we have spent a good chunk of the past few years providing world-class cloud solutions to our clients across Australia. While it may seem like providing cloud solutions is a fairly simple game, we have...

Vivek Trivedi Technology 19-03-2018
Are you on the right path to build the Workforce of the Future?

Are you on the right path to build the Workforce of the Future?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how you can begin your cognitive journey in easy steps. Keeping the same focus, this would be a good time to discuss what will the workforce of the future look like. As...

Vivek Trivedi Technology 05-03-2018
Begin your Cognitive Journey in 5 Steps

Begin your Cognitive Journey in 5 Steps

Businesses across the world are digitally transforming. Most organisations are juggling innovation with daily business challenges and understand the need for more data-driven decision-making. However, even with all the technological solutions out there, many organisations continue to remain unsure about...

Vivek Trivedi Technology 08-01-2018

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