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Cloud applications – Exigo Tech

Why Intune, a cloud application from Microsoft translates to secured and efficient management of the BYOD atmosphere?

The cyber landscape is getting darker and this leaves businesses with no option but to look for solutions that are comprehensive and allows them to monitor security of every device which accesses the confidential data and the network. Intune, a...

Vivek Trivedi Cloud 14-11-2019
Cloud – Exigo Tech

What Measures Microsoft is Taking to Ensure Security of your Data in the Azure Cloud?

Cloud computing has always remained one of the top priorities of businesses in Australia. No doubt, the professionals are always eyeing out the solutions which are available at reduced costs. But cloud offers a range of flexibilities such as scalability,...

Vivek Trivedi Cloud 07-11-2019

System Replacement or Upgrade – What should you do for Windows 7 EOL

The news of Windows 7 EOL (end of life) has left many businesses to weigh their choices in terms of system replacement and upgrading. I have heard many businessmen share their experiences of systems getting slow or crashing when they...

Vivek Trivedi Managed Services 24-10-2019
Windows 7 End of Life – Exigo Tech

Windows 7 End of Life – Learn How to Tailor an Effective Plan of Action

It was recently announced that Microsoft will be pulling the plug on its Windows 7 operating system on 14th Jan 2020. The end of this extended support directly implies that the technology giant will no longer release any security updates...

Vivek Trivedi Managed Services 17-10-2019
Cognitive Automation – Exigo Tech

How to Pave a Path of Successful Cognitive Automation

Every Australian business is gearing up to deploy RPA and reap its advantages. However, business processes are becoming complex and are often driven by semi-structured and unstructured data which is better analysed with cognitive automation. Cognitive automation is a subset...

Vivek Trivedi Automation 10-10-2019
Automation – Exigo Tech

Automation in Healthcare: Defining a New Perspective for Patient Care and Hospital Operations

Healthcare is one of the most critical industry verticals since its main purpose is to cure the ailments and serious medical conditions people are faced with. The industry is constantly facing problems with a lack of good resources and is...

Vivek Trivedi Automation 03-10-2019
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