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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation Module – Exigo Tech

Microsoft Project Operations will Replace Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation Module

Microsoft has announced its plan to launch Microsoft Project Operations that will gradually replace the Microsoft Dynamics 365 project service automation module. The Dynamics Project Operations module will be rolled out around October 2020 and will combine the capabilities of Microsoft Project and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation module.  The module will give visibility of...

Vivek Trivedi Microsoft Suite 26-03-2020
Microsoft – Exigo Tech

Enable a collaborative and secure environment for your employees working from home during the Corona virus outspread with Microsoft products

The outspread of corona virus has changed many things. Well, it has pushed businesses to rethink the ways to ensure productivity with employees working remotely. While allowing your employees to work from home, there are several points you may be concerned about. You may be worried about your employees’...

Vivek Trivedi Microsoft Suite 23-03-2020
Dynamics 365 Customer Service Module – Exigo Tech

Boost customer engagement with Dynamics 365 Customer Service Module

Technology has certainly changed the way in which customers look for a product and the kind of experience they are getting. It is the time when companies need to pull up their socks and focus equally on customer experience as...

Vivek Trivedi Microsoft Suite 19-03-2020
Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Module – Exigo Tech

Why You should Use MS Dynamics Marketing Module to Boost your Marketing Efforts

Emails are the best way to connect with your audiences. But, when the same emails are sent over the database, the outreach of the campaign might be reduced. Sharing information and relevant insights over email is an apt way to build a brand image but when you do the same...

Vivek Trivedi Microsoft Suite 12-03-2020
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales – Exigo Tech

Skyrocket your Sales Numbers with Relationship Selling with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

A sales professional’s productivity drops by 40% when they have to switch between tasks. Also, two-thirds of any seller’s time is spent in non-selling activities, as claimed in a survey done by Microsoft. This report clearly shows that IT professionals need...

Vivek Trivedi Microsoft Suite 05-03-2020
SOPHOS- Exigo Tech

How to Use SOPHOS Email Advanced to Prevent Email Phishing Attacks

Australian businesses claim to have lost more than $7.2 million due to security breaches and phishing emails. Most of this loss is around $3.8 million because of sophisticated business email compromise scams. Scammers hack business email systems, impersonate emails and...

Vivek Trivedi Security 27-02-2020
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