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Top 5 Business Trends in Digital Transformation to Look Out for in 2019

By now, we all know that digital transformation is not just a technological shift; it is a change at the heart of the organisation which involves its people, its culture and its customers and affects business continuity. Technology alone hence...

Vivek Trivedi Technology 05-12-2018

Is your business still waking up to AI?

Judicious use of AI can automate up to 45% of any particular job. – survey by Mckinsey & Company. Let’s face it! Some are raving about it and some are just plain skeptical. Artificial intelligence (AI) has had its own...

Vivek Trivedi Technology 31-10-2018

Why Automation will Dictate the Future of Manufacturing Landscape in Australia?

Automation is not new when it comes to the manufacturing industry. We have all witnessed how it has transformed everything from factory floors to the new economics in the manufacturing sector. What we are now witnessing, is the next wave...

Vivek Trivedi Technology 17-10-2018

Workplace Automation – Connecting Digital with Robotics

The key role of technology in supporting businesses to streamline processes, eliminate geographical barriers, augment communication and improve customer experience cannot be debated. And it is clear, that the economic landscape is already set to openly welcome workplace automation. The...

Vivek Trivedi Technology 03-10-2018

Digital Transformation and its Impact on your Customer

“46% of organisations have confirmed that increased use of automation is one of the most important drivers shaping overall IT strategy from its very inception and will continue till 2020” – a survey by IDC Enterprise Cloud and DevOps Management...

Vivek Trivedi Technology 19-09-2018

Why Your Enterprise Needs to Embrace Digital Transformation in 2018

With digital technology seeping into every aspect of any business, there is an unprecedented shift in the market landscape. The way data is collected, analysed and interpreted has revolutionised the way business is done - right from inventory to sales....

Vivek Trivedi Technology 05-09-2018

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