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Modern Workplace and Collaboration – How to Achieve it with Telstra Calling for Office 365 Services in Australia

68% of Australian workers have resorted to working from home pertaining to the COVID19 situation. The situation has also increased the gaps between individuals and their teams, therefore, companies had to think about the ways to bridge this gap. Technology is to their rescue in this situation. There are...

Vivek Trivedi Cloud 26-06-2020

Know All About the Cyber Attack that Hit Australia on 19th June’20

On 19th June’20, the Australian government announced about the cyber-attack. The government as well as the government organisations were the target of these attacks, conducted by a sophisticated state-based cyber-actor. The news has certainly left the businesses in a state...

Vivek Trivedi Security 23-06-2020
SharePoint application – Exigo Tech

Microsoft Rolls Out a New Update for SharePoint Application – The Ability to Translate Communication Sites and News Sites into Different Languages

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced corporates to switch to work from home. And, this is certainly the time when the management wants to remain connected with the employees and keep sharing news, protocols or other policies. The company authorities want...

Vivek Trivedi Microsoft Suite 18-06-2020
Digital transformation technologies – Exigo Tech

Digital Transformation Technologies – Initiating a Wave of Change for Manufacturers to Help them Thrive in COVID-19 Era

The COVID-19 situation has pushed all industries to change their way of working and the manufacturing sector is no exception. The outspread of the virus has made it clear for manufacturing companies that they are behind as far as the adoption of digital transformation technologies is concerned. With digital transformation...

Vivek Trivedi Digital Transformation 11-06-2020

How Aged Care Institutions will be Able to Benefit from the Modern Workplace Scenario and Tools

The coronavirus situation has forced the aged care institutions to be more considerate while offering care to the elderly as they are the section of society which are most affected by the pandemic. However, the aged care sector was already in a tight spot because of...

Vivek Trivedi Microsoft Suite 05-06-2020
SOPHOS Firewall – Exigo Tech

SOPHOS Firewall – A Security Shield for your Latest Healthcare Devices During COVID-19

The COVID-19 situation has not only pushed businesses to change their working patterns but has also forced the healthcare institutions to introduce a lot of new devices in their daily regime of offering care. Some of these devices are infusing pumps, ventilators and more. The number and...

Vivek Trivedi Security 21-05-2020
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