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Digital Transformation Strategy – Exigo Tech

Three Reasons Why Your Digital Transformation Strategy Should Focus on People and NOT Technology

In my years of helping companies evolve digitally, I have observed that when it comes to digital transformation strategies, my clients are more concerned with the technologies that will be deployed and how it will impact existing processes. I tell...

Vivek Trivedi Digital Transformation 16-05-2019
Digital Transformation Journey – Exigo Tech

Four Steps to Lead a Digital Transformation Journey at your Organisation

Improved productivity and enhanced agility via automated processes are the business goals of organisations across every industry and size, today. These benefits can be realised by embarking on a digital transformation journey. But the journey is not simple. And it...

Vivek Trivedi Digital Transformation 02-05-2019
Digital Transformation – Exigo Tech

The Factors that Affect Digital Transformation Success

Gone are the days when organisations thought they were ‘experimenting with technology’. We now see widespread adoption of technology and organisations across the world have made it their strategic priority to create better business outcomes and change the customer experience....

Vivek Trivedi Digital Transformation 11-04-2019
Aged Care Industry - Exigo Tech

A Quick Glance into the Technologies at Play in the Aged Care Industry

Technology is permeating into every aspect of our daily lives. With changing government norms in Australia coupled with the tech savvy senior population, aged care organisations are quickly adopting “technology enabled” and “technology enhanced” environments. They are utilising the latest...

Vivek Trivedi Microsoft Dynamics 04-04-2019
Five Challenges Faced by the Australian Aged Care Industry

Five Challenges Faced by the Australian Aged Care Industry

The Aged care industry in Australia currently provides employment for more than 350,000 people every year and is serving a population of over 1.3 million at any given time, as quoted by DCWC. The industry is regarded as an economic...

Vivek Trivedi Technology 20-03-2019
Automation- Is your workplace ready for the Digital Worker?

Step Up your Automation Game Plan with Digital Workers

Technology is now greatly emerging in the form of automation and we are all witnessing how different forms of automation are becoming mainstream and are an integral part of the future of work. Some years ago, we were sceptical about...

Vivek Trivedi Automation 13-03-2019
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