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Azure Data Warehousing - A platform for your business to park, process and analyse vast volumes of data in any form.

Businesses in Australia and all over the world have been using data over the past several years to gain a better understanding. It started with capturing the essential data, managing and centralising everything with governance, integrity, security and more. From that, meaningful reports and dashboards were created to measure the performance against predefined metrics and goals. Fast forward to today, enterprises are still doing all of that – still curating data, defining dashboards and reports to measure performance. However, there is a new push in business analytics, that is the need for true business insight. Organisations need to find correlations, patterns and predictions from data to not just course correct but also shape strategic vision with greater innovations. This is where Data Warehousing plays a role – to help the business keep a tab on transactional precision and shape the future with statistically predictive analysis.

Your Data Warehouse is like the foundation of your business and it needs to be sound to support everything that is built on it. And good Analytics is what ensures the foundation of your business is top notch. Azure Data Warehousing is the answer to managing all your operational data with the ability to scale your business. Azure Data Lake store, Data lake analytics and HD Insight together let you store large data of any type and size and analyse it with other tools. Azure Modern Data Warehousing also provides an integrated machine learning solution which enables customers insights and business intelligence for faster business decisions. At Exigo Tech we can help you analyse your business needs to developing your data warehousing including a solid data model, smart architecture, business intelligence framework and efficient data integration so that it’s optimal for the analytics.

Realise the full potential of your data!

Gain maximum value from all your structured, semi structured and
unstructured data through Data Warehousing solutions.

Being a Microsoft gold partner – Exigo Tech brings to you a repository for big data analytics workload that empowers your decision makers with reliable data. Your organisation also has a lot of benefits from Data Warehousing, some of them are as listed below:

Gain a complete integrated solution of data warehousing, integrations, data lake, data science and analytics services. With Exigo Tech’s integrated solution, you can leverage security policies across data lake and data warehousing.


Automate management of provisioning, configuring, tuning, securing, backing up, scaling and repairing of Data Warehouse. Our autonomous data warehousing solution is the only solution that provides complete data security and auto-scales elastically.


Provide automated turning and create data summaries for analytics automatically. You can also automatically parallelise the workload to keep the queries running faster.


Create an agile organisation that moves faster using powerful and built-in analytics tools with Azure data warehousing. It is easy to integrate with the cloud, supports other BI tools, and deploy machine learning models.

Drive smart decisions by capitalising on Data Warehousing

What We Offer

Exigo Tech’s Data Warehousing services incorporates data architecting, modelling, data integration, governance, enterprise management and migration services. We offer easy access to your complicated data and facilitate effective business forecasting, resulting in better decision making.


Data Modelling

We regard data models as living documents that keeps on changing with the changing business and therefore recommend technology architecture to be such that can be retrieved, edited and expanded over time. Our prime focus here is to optimise the performance by developing a solution with resources to complete the workload well on time.


Data Integrations

We deliver focused Data Integration solutions to businesses by combining data from various resources and providing a unified view to the end-users. Through our data model, we provide data extraction from the source system, running logics on data for standardisation and finally loading of the modified data into the database report.


Data Warehouse Migration

We optimise your system and create a centralised platform for your data which makes the migration process from another platform easy.


Data Governance

We bring in our expert services which encompass effective data management, risk management and data policies within an organisation. We also create a data governance maturity model that is customised to suit the requirements of your business needs.


Enterprise Data Warehousing

We integrate and analyse the raw data and event data across the enterprise to produce predictive insights. We also cover data integration, validation, protection and management of data from its origin to its eventful discontinuation.

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