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Azure Backup – The Perfect Solution to Retrieve Data from Microsoft Azure in the Event of a Disaster

Uncertainties are not new on the business landscape. Enterprises are evolving their models to become technology empowered and serve the customers in a better manner. The organisations are becoming customer-focused and they are using the abundant data to study their customers’ preferences. When data comes into play, other concerns such as privacy breach, ransomware attack, hardware failure and cyber-attacks also get the spotlight. Therefore, to not face the consequences of data theft, it is advisable for businesses to invest in dependable backup solutions such as Microsoft Azure Backup.

The solution is a secured and scalable product from the tech giant – Microsoft, that allows businesses to restore and retrieve data from a hosted or on-premises cloud environment into the Microsoft Azure cloud. Furthermore, you are in the position of defining backup policies as you can monitor the data backup from a centralised and intuitive management interface. Exigo Tech, being a Microsoft Gold partner, houses a team of experts who are skilled to implement the Azure Backup solutions. Join hands with us and be carefree as we take the entire responsibility of protecting your data by using our product expertise and reliable services.

Build a Future Proof Business with Azure Backup Solutions

Keep Your Data Recovery and Security Concerns at Bay with Intelligent
and Effective Azure Backup Services from Exigo Tech

Our team is trained to examine your cloud environment and suggest the best backup solution for your cloud instance. As Microsoft Gold partners, we offer comprehensive Azure Backup services and sound technical support when it comes to managing, monitoring or restoring data stored in your business-critical applications.

Restore and backup several components of your IT infrastructure such as files, documents, SQL database and VMs in the Azure cloud itself.


Reduce or eliminate the overhead management and infrastructure costs as Azure Backup services is an integral part of Microsoft Azure cloud itself.


Be free from the hassle of implementing a solution to back up your data stored in the on-premises environment to the cloud with Azure Backup services.


Remain assured regarding the health of your data by monitoring it from a centralised platform of Azure monitor.

Reduce Risks

What We Offer

We ensure business continuity within limited budget for you by empowering you with a dependable, cost effective, scalable and latest backup solution – Azure Backup. You have the flexibility to take backup of workloads stored in any cloud environment with this solution.

Secured Backup

By utilising the multi-factor authentication facility of Microsoft Azure, our engineers create a layer of defense to prevent your data backup from any malicious activities.


Cloud Mobility

We tend to store your on-premises data in a portable format in the Azure backup solution to ensure that you can transfer the same across the cloud environment of your preference.


Integrated Azure Services

We ensure quick backup of your critical data by automating the process of taking screenshots of the VMs hosted in Azure.

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