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To migrate or not to migrate to the cloud is no more a choice. It is indispensable. Companies today look for the cloud that can be made scalable on-demand with an ability to ramp up or modify the cloud server, storage and network resources, anywhere and anytime. Amazon web services offers you a comprehensive end to end quality cloud managed services for your workload by taking the complete responsibility of your cloud. Amazon Web Services is a revolution in the cloud computing world and provides cloud base infrastructure to develop any custom applications. It also provides developer-friendly services which can be used to build software products that are flexible, secured and scalable.  

At Exigo Tech, we are a leading AWS technology partner that offers a range of services including consulting, management and support solutions for Amazon Web Services and cloud-hosted IT infrastructure. We provide the solution for every stage of your Amazon Web Services journey. Right from architecting, managing, migrating and optimising your cloud environment, our experts are here to help you leverage the power of Amazon Web Services to accelerate your business. We understand the unique requirements of clients and tailor the most optimised solutions for them. 

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We offer extensive solutions with Amazon Web Services to ensure that your business benefits the most from its capabilities. 

Amazon Web Services next generation connectivity will give you the speed, control and performance for doing smart business on the cloud.


Take control of your resilience and receive a virtual environment to manage increased workloads.


Unlock your business potential with access to world class applications such as IoT, blockchain, AR/VR solutions and tools by Amazon web services.

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What We Offer

Our team comprises of experienced developers and consultants who are capable of leveraging and optimising cloud to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your business. 

Consulting Services

We access the current architecture and create a comprehensive strategy for AWS transformation of your business to drive rapid growth and attain business goals. Our consulting services help your business take advantage of the cloud.


Cloud migration

We help you to move your business to AWS cloud with minimum effort and cost. We formulate an optimum migration strategy which is then put into action for migration of your existing apps and data to AWS cloud environment.


AWS Integration

We integrate Amazon cloud with the existing business resources to enable the adoption of the hybrid cloud model. Our intelligent cloud integration solution for Amazon also enables you to easily and quickly design data integrations from any cloud sources.


Managed cloud services

We help in optimising performance along with the re-engineering of IT infrastructure, database and applications for ensuring a smooth adaptation to the AWS cloud. We manage your complete infrastructure while you focus on your business.

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