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The business landscape is dynamic. No matter in which industry vertical we are, we are always fraught with challenges. And one of the most significant challenges is that majority of us are relying on manual efforts for completing any mundane and lengthy tasks. These tasks might be a small part of your enormous operation chains but when these are grouped, their impact is immense, and it results in poor productivity and increased costs. Investment in automation systems and technologies such as RPA, BPA, natural language processing and more can help you overcome these challenges. But there is more to it. Self-learning processes that result from application from these technologies unlock new ways of innovation and enhance customer and employee engagement.

We at Exigo Tech enable you to adopt an enterprise-wide approach wherein you can address all the workplace challenges along with creating self-learning processes. We help you bring the organisational change and foster the attitude of constant reskilling amongst your employees to help you tailor a new way of functioning. We use the applied intelligence practices to present you with the right mix of artificial intelligence, automation and data analytics to enable you to convert your ideas and vision into reality.

Generate Value from the Automated Tasks

Automation Systems from Exigo Tech
A Prerequisite for Building a Digitally Enabled Organisation

We are committed to amplifying your relationship with machines to change the way in which you address your complex business problems and analyse the data generated from the interconnected machines and processes.

Ensure the safety of your factory workers by automating the processes and letting the robots perform dangerous tasks.


Assure consistency and quality across all the operations and deliveries by eliminating human intervention.


Gain a competitive edge by constantly monitoring the reports and logs generated by the bots for every process they execute.


Utilise bots to optimise the flow of information across different processes and reduce the turnaround time for every product or service request.


What We Offer

We offer automation systems and technologies which act as an extension of your current workforce and enable them to seize the untapped growth and development opportunities and transform business processes.



We deploy bots that run in your current infrastructure while adapting to your current processes to free up knowledge workers in your organisation so that they can focus on strategic initiatives.



We bring our collaborative approach and technology to help you simplify business processes, cut redundancies, enforce workflows and automate the routine operations to maximise ROI.


IQ Bots

We understand your business operations and deploy IQ bots that observe human actions, learn from them and attain expertise in the same to help you ensure error-proof processes.



We engineer bots that have all the capabilities of extracting information from the legacy platforms and modern applications to present you with abundant data on which you can take actions and grow.


Cognitive Solutions

We have sound knowledge of big data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and natural language processing to enable you to alter the ways in which you interact with computers, people and systems and gain a competitive cognitive edge.

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