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Business applications and tools are growing at a faster pace and it is becoming more difficult to capture all of the disparate data streams. Technological growth has forced many enterprises to confront the issue of managing and directing multiple systems towards a unified business goal. Many organisations are now turning to robotic process automation as the preferred automation tool for workflow. Robotic process automation has grown from a good to have to must have for businesses in this world of digital transformation.

With our experience, we at Exigo Tech have automated a wide spectrum of business process and our exposure to the operational methods continues to grow. We help organisations to integrate technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning with RPA to transform the entire business ecosystem. With our end-to-end RPA services, we inculcate intelligent automation into your company and help your business enhance productivity, improve scalability and reduce operational costs. We work with companies of all sizes to create a digital workforce that are reliable, secure and scalable. If you have already deployed RPA and want to start intelligent automation or just want to start your RPA journey, our experts can help you.

Reduce cost, release talent with RPA

What We Offer

We work as a part of your team to ensure seamless implementation of RPA. Our services include scripting, IT architecture, setting security standards, identifying gaps and mitigating risks.

RPA Consultation

We help you to understand and figure out the process that needs automation considering your specific objectives. Our Robotic process automation consultants then identify the right tools and present to you the roadmap for automatic rollout.


RPA Implementation

We configure a sustainable RPA environment, design and develop, implement and test bots to achieve targeted benefits. We then optimise workflow, governance and roll out validation.


Automation Design

We identify the intervention models to be applied to your manual process that requires automation. After designing an architecture, our RPA experts also develop a customised framework to be implemented.


Operation and Maintenance

We support you with the management of bots, recovery, failures, risk management and opportunity discovery. We also offer RPA training to your employees to keep them updated with the latest tools and technology.

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