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When a mishap occurs every moment and hour of downtime drastically impacts business. How constructively your organisation reacts to this crisis, how much data is being lost and how employees and partners see the company’s competency during this time will determine how fast the business operations can resume. It is of course, not possible to foresee when a tragedy will occur. However, you can be fully prepared for any such disaster so that when it occurs, your business isn’t affected.

Having a business continuity plan is one of the main approaches to recover quickly after a catastrophe. A strategy, focusing on how you will keep the business up and running while ensuring the good health of systems, infrastructure and applications after a cyberattack. Such a backup mechanism will help to ensure that the business continues operating without affecting productivity even during major adversity. One such solution for business continuity is Arcserve, which blends the powerful data backup and crisis recovery system through a single management platform. We at Exigo Tech offer a suite of Arcserve services to arm businesses with total protection for their virtual ecosystem, remove data loss and downtime from any of the systems, applications or cloud centres.

Protect your endpoints in real-time

Leverage Exigo Tech’s Arcserve solutions - a highly reliable,
one-stop spot for backup and data record for virtual and cloud workloads.

At Exigo Tech we work with Arcserve to cut through the complexities by focusing on the recovery assurance potential. Our experienced team can design and develop innovative solutions to efficiently protect your systems, applications and data. We can also integrate several products to provide your business with a complete data management solution fully supported by our engineers.

Restore your access to the critical applications and systems quickly after a disaster like a cyber-attack and move your data safely, to and from the cloud.


Protect your IT infrastructure with cloud, multi-cloud and cross-cloud data safety without any additional requirement of management interfaces or tools.


Carry out all operations including - testing, validation of data, ability to recover, and generate reports automatically as the primary data protection stakeholder.

Build an always-on business with continuous data protection from Exigo Tech’s Arcserve services

What We Offer

We provide a simple setup to manage your business data, recovery and restore process all from a single user interface. To have an uninterrupted business, we provide complete safety for all your systems and applications.

Email Archiving

We help you restore all the archived email in a place independent of the routine mail system and make it easily accessible. No matter where your email stays our experts simplify compliance and help you protect all your vital records.


Arcserve UDP

Our flagship recovery provides security across diverse sections - software, applications, appliances, or private and public cloud. Gain increased agility with automated and instant recovery of data and advanced reporting.

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Arcserve Cloud Hybrid

We meet all your modern IT requirements with a one-stop solution for disaster recovery, cloud backup and long-term retention. Rapidly replicate the critical information and simplify business infrastructure.

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