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Application Security Services from Exigo Tech – Sealing all the Security Loopholes During Application Development

Security breaching trends are changing. The hackers now target your business applications before they go for your network resources. Also, application development has become more modern by leaps and bounds. The terms cloud migration, container adoption and microservices have become quite common amongst developers. But the word application security is not discussed that often! We at Exigo Tech give you the full flexibility of engineering your business applications as we shoulder the responsibility of securing your applications at every stage of the development cycle.
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Prevent your Business Applications
from Potential Attacks

We back you up with the latest security tools to accelerate your application development process.

Reduce the number of vulnerabilities during the development process


Enhance the security posture of your organisation


Gain more customers by delivering innovative and secured applications


Lower the remediation costs by eliminating vulnerabilities during development

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What We Offer

We scan your application as an authorised or an unauthorised user to put an end to all the possibilities of vulnerabilities in your application.

Advisory Services

We review the maturity of your organisation’s application security and give relevant advice to upgrade it to comply with the government rules and guidelines.


Threat Modeling

We test the security of your business application by using possible instances and use cases to present you with the risks and threats you should be considering while developing.


Penetration Testing

We intentionally breach your business applications to identify the gaps in the present security stature and suggest the remedial measures to mitigate the impact of actual attacks.


Vulnerability Assessment

We use the latest tools and software to test and identify the vulnerabilities in your applications so that the development process is never deaccelerated.

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