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As more companies move to collaboration in cloud, the demand for bandwidth and powerful reliable networks is also growing day by dayAlong with the companies, the networks also need to adapt quickly to the changing demands and capacity. Flexible networks are the new revenue generator as networks become the driving force for productivity in this digital world. Businesses in these uncertain times are looking to future proof their operations with faster, flexible and hybrid networks. Telstra Adaptive Networks acts as a secure, high performance and reliable platform that scales quickly and flexibly to serve the growing needs of customers. 

We at Exigo Tech have unbundled the access of connectivity which are made modular. So, you have the flexibility to remove, change or add your internet or IPVPN service with your existing access. Whether you need support in your existing solution or are exploring new possibilities we are happy to help you. We offer Adaptive Networks services that allows businesses to evolve their current infrastructure into a communication loop that relays information across network elements, users, application and software rather than restraining the network itself. Our Adaptive Networks based solution streamlines threat management by enabling monitoring, consistent policy deployment and management across hybrid secure environments. We also offer business applications with additional services that enables priority access to mobility network when coupled with compatible plans and devices. 

Telstra Adaptive Networks to Power up your Hybrid Connection

Get your Medium for Modular Networking with
Telstra Adaptive Networks - Enabling Agile Business

Drive innovation in your business with our custom ready solution delivered with Telstra Adaptive Networks to serve best in class network experiences for Australian businesses. You also get multiple benefits while using Telstra Adaptive Networks solutions such as: 

Establish secure and fast connections on the cloud by scaling up bandwidth to adapt to the changing business needs.


Tailor your network connectivity to meet both your commercial and seasonal requirements.


Leverage fully managed end to end network infrastructure and improve your business performance with enhanced user experience.


Keep your business running smoothly with intelligent and secure software defined networking.

Unlock Benefits for Your Business with Telstra Adaptive Networks!

What We Offer

Unleash your business potential with our Adaptive Networks solution that enables real time performance, bandwidth scalability and intelligent automation. We offer complete solutions with security and total performance within your requirements. 

Adaptive Connectivity

Offering customers the flexibility to choose options amongst Telstra NBN, Telstra mobile network and Telstra fibre. And working towards providing enterprise grade rapid start connectivity to boost network resiliency and wireless solutions.


Adaptive SD WAN

Our leading Adaptive SD-WAN solutions are designed to suit a wide range of customers right from small startups to large enterprise. Such software defined wide area network (SD-WAN) helps businesses to harness the potential of smart 4G, 5G integrations and hybrid networking.


Adaptive Core Networks

Exigo Tech brings together trusted connectivity, speed and high-capacity network with Australia's largest private fiber network provider. We are also developing an edge compute environment with a range of smart technology solutions.


Managed Network Services

Improving productivity by seamlessly managing your network with software designed solutions. With a consistent network like Telstra Adaptive Networks, we manage everything right from your mobility admin to networking monitoring and threat detection.

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