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Accelerate your Business with TPN – A Real Time on Demand Network Connectivity

Today, businesses rely a lot on storing information on the internet through a cloud system that manages and operates data. Cloud computing offers many benefits to the enterprise such as flexibility to work practices, scalability, business continuity etc. However, a quick adaption to the changing demands of the business remains a challenge.   

In this digital era, enterprises need to move faster to transform their business and stay competitive. Increasingly, businesses are gathering and analysing data to gain competitive advantages. However, IT also needs to ensure that their network solutions are also flexible to support hybrid cloud services. With more applications running on the network, there need to be tools that enable ease of management. While storage and software are moving to different consumption-based, scalable network services have remained rigid. TPN  is Telstra’s solution of putting all the capabilities under one umbrella. As this platform offers on-demand bandwidth and connections to various public clouds. 

TPN – Redefining How Businesses Will Create and Adapt to Connectivity

If Covid 19 has shown us anything, it is that how valuable the cloud-based solutions and digital technologies for businesses are, with companies more reliant on applications like remote storage, unified communications and cloud-based operations.

We at Exigo Tech, recognise that organisations are the driver of the economy for the nation and we are committed to helping them grow. One of the ways Exigo Tech supports businesses is by partnering with Telstra for a flexible network solution that offers secure and on-demand connectivity with provision to scale bandwidth.

TPN is designed to provide an exceptional virtual network with the provision of automation. Telstra programmable Networks  offers many such solutions to businesses to adapt to a new generation of network infrastructure. Some of which includes:

  • Data Centre Interconnect Businesses can move either between the data centres across the globe or connect to a network of private and hybrid clouds based on demand using TPN.
  • Custom SD WAN
    Organisations can enhance their network connectivity in WAN or private IP VPNs using a tailor-made SD-WAN which enables dynamic routing of the traffic.  
  • Cloud Gateway
    Enterprises can even connect to multiple cloud systems and create a hybrid atmosphere through a single intuitive portal using TPN services. 

Key Features of TPN

Grow your Business Dynamically with TPN

Exigo Tech, a Telstra platinum partner and TPN empowers businesses to achieve goals and deliver better customer outcomes in the following areas: 

  • Deliver Innovation Agile and flexible networks will enable the organisations to pioneer new initiatives, services and seize new opportunities without fearing the network disruptions.
  • Better User Experience
    Faster and efficient connectivity from TPN will result in customer engagement and satisfaction resulting into a good end user experience and ultimately generating revenue.  
  • Data Security
    Reliable networks also ensures up to date secured measures and data protection against any hostile attacks. 

Time to Rework on your Network Infrastructure

Challenges of this digital transformation are significant and will continue to test the businesses in future too. It is impossible to predict the trends and innovation that will shape the business. However, with the next generation connectivity, businesses will be able to pursue various strategies and develop models that will empower them to thrive and prepare for what comes next.

We are here to help enterprises meet the business challenges, get in touch with us on 1300 EXIGOTECH (394 468) or email us at to evolve together.


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